Backblast #935 Slurpee Day

Warm-O-Rama-The Q brought Slurpees for everyone in honor of Slurpee Day and Hasselhoff’s Birthday. So everyone started off by enjoying their Slurpees.-10 count stretch to the toes, right over left, and left over right-10 count standing groin stretch-10 Merkins-10 side straddle hops in cadenceThe Thang-The pax ran along the trail stopping along the way to do merkins building up by 1 each time from 10. The last set the pax did was 16 merkins. The last few times several of the pax would do AMRAP merkins until the six got back to the pax.Mary-25 big boy sit-ups with a twistCount-O-RamaName-O-RamaCOTMore or Less,Less


Did that sound fun? Make the first step and join us for a workout.