Backblast # 941 I Surrender

Warm-O-Rama-10 count stretch to the toes, right over left, and left over right-10 count standing groin stretch-20 side straddle hops in cadence-5 slow jump squatsThe Thang-The pax moseyed to Mount Ralphie. The pax ran to the top of the hill. However, along the way if someone had to walk, they well yell "Surrender," and everyone would come back to them and do 5 burpees. There were definitely shenanigans being pulled, and less than exhausted pax yelling "Surrender," so the Q changed the penalty to 15 burpees if he deemed anyone yelling surrender to be less than fully exhausted. At the top of the hill the pax did 10 slow jump squats and then ran back to the bottom where they did 10 slow jump squats. The pax then went back up the hill repeating the same process as they did the first time up the hill. At the top they did 15 slow jump squats. They then ran back to the bottom and headed back to the AO. Periodically along the way back instead of going back to pick up the six, the pax would do burpees until the six caught up and then resume.Mary-70 big boy situps with each pax counting 10 of them going around the circle.Count-O-RamaName-O-RamaCOTMore or Less,Less


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