Backblast #947 - Do What You Hate

Editors Note: There was a plan at the start of the workout, but as more Pax showed up it became apparent to YHC that the original plan wasn’t going to work so we modified the entire workout as necessary :DWarm-O-Rama25 SSH20 Mountain Climbers15 MerkinsLet’s go!The ThangMosey to the zoo gate behind the pavilion and partner up.Pax 1 runs up the trail to the pavilion to the top of the hill. Pax 2 does AMRAP squat thrusters (no coupon). Flap JackCuddle Buddy 20 CountMosey down the sidewalk towards the hidden hill. Find a pile of Timbers part way and stop for some work. Pax 1 does AMRAP squat presses with a timber, Pax 2 moseys to the tennis court and back. Flap Jack.Cuddle Buddy 15 CountMosey to the base of the hidden hill, merge partners into 3-4 man teams. 2 people run ~100 feet up the hill while the others do AMRAP BBS. Leap frog each other up to the pavilion at the top of the hill.At the pavilion find a new partner. Pax 1 does 20 step ups then 20 derkins, Pax 2 runs laps around the pavilion until Pax 1 calls out they are done. Swap places and repeat until the Q says done (3 rounds).Cuddle Buddy 10 Count, but we lost count at 9 and had to start count over.Find a new partner. Indian run down the same hill from the start of the workout doing 2 squats then running to the front. When you get to the bottom, AMRAP burpees.5 Burpees OYOMosey back to the AO, sprint the last 50 yards.MaryCore-I-Vators from 7, with a super set of 7 instead of 1Count-O-RamaName-O-RamaCOT

Auf Wiedersehen - Kraut


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