Backblast # 948 Blackjack 21

Warm-O-Rama15 SSH10 ct Arm Circles forward/backwards10 ct Legs Apart Stretch (middle, right & left)10 ct Arm Across Chest Stretch (right over left, left over right)The ThangMosey to parking lot just south of AO where cones we set up 30 yds apart.Pax runs to far cone and performs 20 merkins, runs back to start cone and performs 1 squat.Pax repeats process decreasing merkins by 1 and increasing squats by 1 each time always equaling 21 reps.When Pax reaches 1 merkin and 20 squats he calls out Blackjack. (T-claps for Less for being first to hit Blackjack)MaryMosey to the stairs for one climb to the top and back down, plank for the 6. (Didn’t want to ignore the stairs as the newly minted site Q) 😁Count-O-RamaName-O-RamaAnnouncements5k Wednesday changing from the Stairs to Calder Plaza starting tomorrow 8/3Site change from Hospital Hill to Veterans Memorial Park this Thursday 8/4Stair cleanup happening Saturday 8/27. Beatdown @ 0700 followed by stair cleanupWoWLive each day to its fullest, tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us. Love those within your sphere of influence and tell them that you love them.COTCheck MateDeep Blue


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