Backblast #957 - Waiting and Trading 5K


StretchingMerkins IC x10Mtn Climbers IC X15

The Thang

As we were stretching, YHC explained the "Waiting and Trading" aspects of the 5k. The route was Michigan Street Hill starting @ Ottawa to the hospital entrance at the top. 6 trips up and down = 5K.Waiting: The main rule for this morning was runners could not break pedestrian laws. That meant if you came to a road crossing, and the walk sign was red (Don't cross), you had to do AMRAP merkins until the walk sign was on.Trading: YHC gave out two chips to every PAX. Chips numbered 1-6, indicating how many burpees the chip was worth. As the PAX were running, you could give a chip to another PAX to make them immediately do burpees. The only way you could give a chip was if you were overtaking a PAX or coming head-on to a PAX (With the PAX going uphill taking precedent). If you had 3 chips in your hand, then you were full, and a PAX couldn't give you any additional chips.In addition to the number of burpees, you did on the route, every time you hit the bottom, you had to do the number of burpees equal to the total number on the chips you had.After the first trip up and down the hill, YHC realized that it was unlikely PAX was going to hit a 5K, so we moved the bottom of the hill up by one intersection (Removing one of the three potential lights you had to wait at) and removed burpees at the bottom of the hill.Time was called at 6:08, and all the PAX ran to the bottom of the hill.2 out of 12 PAX had hit the 3.14 miles on the hill, but a few more were 1 trip away from completion. YHC allowed PAX to hit the 3.14 by running sprints the last 4 minutes of the workout.7 PAX (Chubbs, Bobby Flay, Bart Simpson, Big Money, Deep Blue, LP, and Hank the Tank) hit the 3.14 miles for 140 additional burpees for Snoop today.Drop It Like Its Hot-Snoop


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