Backblast # 959 - Backwards to 1000

Warm-O-Rama25 SSH10 4ct. Arm Circles Forward & Backward10 ct. Leg Stretches middle, right, left10 ct. Standing groin stretchThe ThangAll pax moseyed to the corner of Ottawa and Newberry Sts where we paired up for the Dora workout.One pax would run up Newberry one block to Ionia while their partner did an exercise. Running up the hill was done backwards and running back down was done forward. The pax would then switch with their partner doing the exercise.Exercises done while partner was running were:100 Merkins200 BBS300 Squats400 4ct. SSHExercise counts were accumulative between both of the Pax and both teams reached 1000 reps within 30 seconds of each other.Pax then moseyed back to AOMary25 4ct. flutter kicksAnnouncementsStair clean up Saturday Aug 27th. 7am beatdown followed by stair cleanupCount-O-RamaName-O-RamaWoWLook for ways today to disadvantage yourself to advantage anotherCOTCheck mate,Deep Blue


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