Backblast #961

0530-Welcome to F3!-F3 Mission-F3 Motto-5 core principles of F3-DisclaimerWarm-0-rama-Arm Circles-Cherry Pickers with a Back Clap x10-leg stretches OYO-mosey lap around the parking lotThe Thang:6 cones set up equidistant in a perimeter around the parking lot.-Station 1: coupon curls-Station 2: BBS-Station 3: Lunges-Station 4: Flutter kicks (4ct)-Station 5: Squats-Station 6: Knerkins (knuckle merkins)/MerkinsPax proceeded through each station performing 5 reps of each exercise, followed by a mosey lap.They then proceeded through the circuit again but incrementing the reps by 1 with a mosey lap in-between. This continued in a similar fashion until 0610. Pax recorded the total number of circuits performed and the final station achieved in full.Mary-Pickle pointers x15-Pickle pounders x15Final count: Snoop completed circuit of 13 reps in full.Shout out to pax who increased the difficulty of the beatdown by carrying a coupon or rucksack throughout the beatdown: Kraut, Chubbs, and Toto. NFS!HIM CHAIN bestowed upon Snoop for kicking ass!AnnouncementsBOM~Anastasia out


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