Backblast #962 Rectangle of pain

WARM-o-RAMA 10 Burpees, 10 SSH (4 ct.), 10 Flutter kicks (4 ct.), 10 SquatsTHE THANGIt was a basic four corners of pain. We ran around Veteran’s park counter clockwise stopping at each corner for a different pain station. Stations included squats, burpees, flutter kicks and SSH. Reps were 5,7,9,11,13,15. If you were getting after it, you went back down the ladder. Madoff went up to 15 and back down to 7 and Kraut went up to 15 and back down to 9 while rocking a weighted vest. True HIM’s. YHC got up to 15 then stopped.MARY NoneEnd of WorkoutCircle of Trust (CoT)Count-O-Rama

2 special beatdowns on Saturday. Stairs followed by cleaning the stairs or beatdown, boating and breakfast at Gun Lake.

The Beaches are safe,Hasselhoff


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