Backblast #966 Coit Park Spinny Thing

Warm-o-Rama was a series of stretchesThe Thang took us up The Stairs, 15 squats IC. Follow Me to the Lookout Park - 15 squats IC. Bear Crawl the horseshoe loop, 15 squats IC.Follow me to Coit Park 15 squats IC, series of pull-ups, box jumps and dips OYO with 15 squats IC between each exercise. Follow me to a flat grassy area of Coit Park. 1/2 Pax Lunge walk to tree-line, do 5 burpees then sprint back. other 1/2 of pax complete "figure skaters" (or SSH) until partner returns. switch roles. 15 squats IC. Series of short hill runs on Fairbanks, then a longer job to top of stairs.Descend stairs, nice long wall-sit, back to the AO for Mary - American Hammers.Count-o-rama; name-o-rama.Announcements, WoW: Let the fun and relaxation we had in the summer propel us to do the good, hard work today and into the week."Eat My Shorts"-Bart Simpson


Did that sound fun? Make the first step and join us for a workout.