Backblast #967 Very Very Little Running

Q’s Note: Less reached out before the workout to see how much running there would be, due to an injury. When asked how much running he could do, the answer was “very very little”Warm-O-Rama20 SSH IC15 Mountain Climbers IC10 Merkins ICThe ThangOverhead coupon carry to the GRCC parking garageThe workout was 11’s at the top of each staircase. Exercises were BBS and 4 Ct. Flutter Kicks. Pax would make their way to the top of stair 1, do 10 bbs, go back down, grab their coupon and overhead carry to stair 2, stopping in the middle to do 5 OH Press. They would then make their way to the top of stair 2, do 1 four count flutter, go back down and repeat the coupon carry/presses back to stair 1. You can figure out the rest.After round 7 the crew made its way back to the AOCount-O-RamaName-O-RamaCOT


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