Backblast # 969 Five (exercises) to make twenty five (yards)

Warm-o-RamaSSH - 15ctArm Circles (forward & backward) - 10ctLeg Stretches (right, left, center) - 10ctTrip up the stairs, down the stairs - 1ctThe ThangPax moseyed from stairs to parking lot where cones were placed 25 yds apart for a OYO workout. Pax to do certain exercise while traveling between the cones.1st trip - 1 burpee, 4 walking lunges2nd trip - 2 burpees, 3 walking lunges3rd trip - 3 burpees, 2 walking lunges4th trip - 4 burpees, 1 walking lungeOne mosey lap around entire parking lot5th trip - 1 merkin, 4 broad jumps6th trip - 2 merkins, 3 broad jumps7th trip - 3 merkins, 2 broad jumps8th trip - 4 merkins, 1 broad jumpOne mosey lap around entire parking lotExtra credit to Mad Cow for an extra run back to his vehicle to retrieve a speaker so we could listen to tunes during the workout since the Q forgot his speakerMaryFlutter Kicks - 25ctAnnouncements Happy 48th birthday Gravy 😁COTCheck Mate,Deep Blue


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