Backblast #975 Getting Motivated to Carry A Bunch of Heavy Stuff

Warm-O-Rama-10 count stretch to the toes, left over right, right over left-10 count calf stretch each leg-10 count standing groin stretch-10 side straddle hops in cadenceThe Thang-The pax carried the following items as a team to different destinations. If anything touched the ground, then everyone had to do 25 burpees. When the pax got to the destination they put everything down and did motivators from 10 down to 1-The items were as follows: 3 rucks, 4 coupons, 2 large water jugs, 60LB sandbag, 70LB sandbag, 80LB sandbag, wooden dart board1. first destination-the base of the hill-no burpees done-motivators from 10 to 12. Second destination-up the hill to the electrical box and back to the base of the hill-25 burpees done at the top-motivators from 10 to 13. Third destination-the AO-25 burpees done at about the halfway markCount-O-RamaName-O-RamaCOTMore or Less,Less


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