Backblast #976 A Pyramid up the Stairs Part 2

Warm-O-Rama-10 count stretch to the toes, left over right, right or left-10 Willie Mays Hayes in cadence-10 count calf stretch each legThe Thang-The pax started at the bottom of the stairs and ran to the first landing and back to the bottom and did an exercise of 1 rep. They then ran to the second landing and back to the bottom and did an exercise of 2 reps and then the first exercise of 1 rep. Each run up the stairs added an extra landing and an extra exercise in the pyramid. There are are only 8 landings including the top, so the Q added the first and second telephone poles at the top as the 9th and 10th landings to make it a pyramid of 10 different exercises. On the 10th and final pyramid of exercises, the pax made it down to 6 squat jumps when time ran out. The 10 exercises were as follows:

  1. 1 prison burpee
  2. 2 squats
  3. 3 merkins
  4. 4 lunges (single count each leg)
  5. Motivators from 5 to 1
  6. 6 squat jumps
  7. 7 Carolina dry docks
  8. 8 side to side hops in cadence
  9. 9 burpees
  10. 10 big boy sit-ups

Count-O-RamaName-O-RamaCOTMore or Less,Less


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