Backblast #977 A Mix of Legs and Running but Mostly Legs

Warm-O-Rama-10 count stretch to the toes, left over right, right over left-10 count standing groin stretch-10 count calf stretch each leg-5 slow squatsThe Thang-this was a four corner workout. The pax ran to each corner of the park and did an exercise and ran back to the middle after each corner and did 10 royal burpees. After the pax did all four corners they would finish with their last 10 royal burpees in the middle and run a lap around the park. They would then start the process over. They did this until a few minutes before 6:15 when they all met in the middle and did 10 burpees.-the four corner exercises were as follows:First Corner-20 squatsSecond Corner-10 stationary lunges each legThird Corner-10 backwards lunges each legFourth Corner-20 jump squatsMary-60 flutter kicks in cadenceCount-O-RamaName-O-RamaCOTMore or Less,Less


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