Backblast #234 Leaders leading Leaders and I owe Burpees

Thursday August 22, 2019

AO: GRCC Track


Good Morning Gents! Who is ready to earn a rest day? I have the Q for Thursday at the track and request you bring your rucks and or coupons. Plenty of ways to earn extra credit or modify if needed. Where are my HCs?

11 PAX and a super late Q Soft Spot.

Snoop, Basic Bro, Hasselhoff, Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, Pit Boss, Little Brother, Roid Rage, Radio, DM

QIC Kraut / Soft Spot

One of the thing F3 strives to do is encourage leaders. Always leading and leading leaders. Watching for the 6th and never leaving a man where you found him. Today was a great example of that. This was not the best day for YHC. I felt prepared and ready for today before bed last night. I woke up late. I don't recall hitting the snooze but I woke up 14 minutes after the beatdown started. After quickly getting ready I was out the door. I may have left the guys stranded, but I was going to be there for the end. Showing up 30 minutes late I found the PAX performing Prison Burpees. I was glad that Kraut stepped up and covered while I was in the fart sack.

0530 The PAX stood confused and mumble chatter starting. The Q was MIA. Leaderless the PAX was a bit lost. They decided to do a lap around the track. It wouldn’t be the first time YHC has come late to a beatdown. After the lap when I was still not there, Kraut took charge.

25 SSH

10 Cherry Pickers with a back clap

Moving into the Thang the PAX performed Prison Burpees with block jumps from 20 Crossing the field between rounds.

(Prison Burpee - Performing starting reps, 20 Burpees, run to next point, 19 burpees and then run to the next point. Continue until you reach 0)

Most PAX made it to about 15 before the Q showed up.

I joined the men and had them circle up so I could do a very short mini plan for today.

Colt 45 IC with Ruck or Coupon

15 Squats (Extra Credit with Ruck or Coupon)

Ascending Bear Crawl. The PAX will line up on one side of the field. They will perform 1 Merkin (Extra credit for using the coupon for a Derkin or Ruck Merkin), then bear crawl to the other side of the field, perform 2, continue to 5.


10 IC American Hammer with Coupon/Ruck

15 IC Hallelujah Flutter Kicks holding Coupon/Ruck above the head.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama


- Soft Spot... I owe Burpees

Backblast #233 | [GOOD] plan

Its #5KWednesday and I’m freestyle’n with a black hat, orange shirt, black shorts. Let’s Go!

Pre-Blast Via Slack (8/20/19):

MAD COW is on the Q for the #5kWednesday. We will be on the freestyle. So, every couple of blocks we will stop for pain stations on our way to running a 5K.

Taking HC's in the thread below.

AO - The Calder | 68 degress | 94% humidity [time to sweat]

[0530 - Core Principles recited to 8 Pax] - Radio, Bald Eagle, Forrest, Depends, Hank The Tank, Soft Spot, DM [Welcome Back Cotter], MAD COW (QIC).


Various Stretching w/PAX putting their shoes on. Seriously, two dudes were still lacing them up.

The Thang:

Time to run. I have no idea how far we ran as my high-tech smart watch took a break about halfway through the workout. I am assuming we were between 2.5 & 3 miles. We ran and then stopped every so often with a lot of the following exercises.

We were freestyle’n, so this is only what I can recall:

Worst Merkin Ever
Plank Jacks
Alternating shoulder taps into dirty hook-ups
Over a bed of loose rock (yep) - backwards run, squats, forward sprint, squats (x2)

We ran by a parking garage and I couldn’t resist….

Parking Garage:

  • Up the stairs [a butt load of stairs. Tallest parking garage ever]

  • BBS

  • Run backwards down the ramp

  • Karaoke right

  • Forwards down the ramp

  • Karaoke left

This was done until we got to the ground floor. It was A LOT. Did I mention this parking lot was stupid tall?


1 to 10 - We’re freestyle’n right? Let’s try this for a Mary workout??

Top of ramp - 1 BBS
Bottom of ramp - 9 flutter kicks
Top of ramp - 2 BBS
Bottom of ramp - 8 flutter kicks

Repeato until time ran out.

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama


  • Soft Spot on Q Thursday.

  • Sign up for Iron Pax Challenge (Thurs workouts in Sept)

  • Wednesday night Founders workouts suspended. Replaced with HDHH - 1st Wed of the month, 6-8 pm, rotating locations suggested by PAX

As always, its a pleasure,


BackBlast #231-Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Preblast via Slack 8/18/19

I have the Q for tomorrow morning’s workout at 5:30 at Johnson Park.  No coupons required.  Can I get those HC’s?

AO-Johnson Park

64 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 5 PAX.  Forrest, Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, Basic Bro, and Less (QIC) 


-10 Rubber band stretches to the toes in cadence

-Standing groin stretch count to 15

-20 overhead claps in cadence into 20 seal claps in cadence into 10 overhead claps in cadence into 10 seal claps in cadence

-15 high knees in cadence

-Motivators from 5 to 1

The Thang

-Paired up and started at opposite ends of the parking lot.  Each pax would run 2 parking spaces forward and then back peddle 1 parking space.  The pax would then do an exercise and then repeat this process until the pair met in the middle of the parking lot.  Approximately 25 parking spaces for the whole parking lot. 

  1. 1st round-1 burpee

  2. 2nd round-2 royal burpees (burpee without the pushup at the bottom and jump at the top)

  3. 3rd round-3 hand release merkins

  4. 4th round-4 standing backwards lunges (1 each leg)

  5. 5th round-5 squats

  6. 6th round-3 hand release merkins

  7. 7th round-1 royal burpee


-1 minute leg lifts

-1 minute chillcut plank



More or Less,


Backblast #230 - MATA Mile / Bank and Yarborough

Preblast via Slack: “I’ve got the Q for tomorrow’s ruck! We will start at Brewery Vivant at 5:30pm. Be ready for miles and ruck work because it’s GRL/GrowRuck prep time. Where are my HCs at? M’s welcome, but let them know about the ruck work. Bring water. LFG.”

AO - Brewery Vivant, 75F

[1730 - Core Principles recited to 4 Pax] - Bald Eagle, Hasselhof, Snoop, Kraut (QIC).

The Thang

PAX completed the Bank and Yarborough followed immediately by the MATA Mile from GoRuck’s August Rucking Challenge.

Ruck 3 Miles
3 Rounds of:
Partner 1 Sprint 50m, Partner 2 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
Partner 2 Sprint 50m, Partner 1 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
Partner 1 Sprint 100m, Partner 2 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
Partner 2 Sprint 100m, Partner 1 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
(no weight while sprinting, add a sandbag to the sprint during last round)

The PAX were sweating at this point, and thought they were done. Unbeknownst to them, YHC had other plans. We moved straight in to

4 stations (ruck is optional):
Ruck squats
Plank hold
Flutter kicks
While one partners exercises the other rucks 400M as fast as possible.

1 MILE TEAM RUCK Using a Sandbag or another sort of team weight (get creative), ruck 1 mile while alternating who carries the load or carry it together but you must finish as a team. The PAX found some sandbags to use. The last 1/8 of a mile was a sandbag toss.

Kraut - Out

BackBlast #229-Another old GoRuck Workout

Preblast via Slack 8/16/19

For those of you who are not able to make the Kalamazoo celebration workout there will still be a workout at the zoo, and I have the Q.  We will do a few extra burpees for Kalamazoo.  Coupons are required.  Can I get those HC’s?

AO-The Zoo

64 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 7 PAX.  Radio, Roid Rage, Hank the Tank, Hasselhoff, Stalin, Pitt Boss, and Less (QIC) 


-10 Cherry Pickers with a back clap in cadence 

-10 Willie Mays Hayes in cadence

-15 Merkins

-Motivators from 5 to 1

-Al Gore for 40 seconds

The Thang

-Set up a square course of cones with each cone being 45 feet apart.  

-Started off bear crawling one side of the square and then doing 12 burpees at the first corner.

-Then crab walked the second side and did 12 squats at the next corner.

-Then bear crawled the third side and did 12 merkins at the next corner.

-Then crab walked the fourth side and did 12 shoulder presses with the coupon at the final corner.

-The pax repeated this process dropping one rep each time around until they got down to 1 rep. 


30 LBC’s in cadence

30 Superman’s in cadence

30 American Hammers in cadence

10 flutter kicks in cadence, 10 second leg lifts, 10 scissors in cadence

Circle merkins 4 times around with each pax doing 5 merkins each time



Leaders Message

When you are having a rough day or you are just worrying a lot, just slow down and enjoy the good things in life and be thankful for what you have. You can often miss these things if you are just rushing through life. Here is the poem that I have framed in my house that helps to remind me of this.

Slow Dance

Have you ever watched kids on a Mary Go Round

Or listened to the rain slapping on the ground

Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight

Or gazed at the sun into the fading night

You’d better slow down

Don’t dance so fast

Time is short

The music won’t last

Do you run through each day on the fly

When you ask “ How are you” do you hear the reply

When the day is done do you lie in your bed

With the next hundred chores running thru your head

You’d better slow down

Don’t dance so fast

Time is short

The music won’t last

Ever told your child we’ll do it tomorrow

And in your haste not see his sorrow

Ever lost touch , let a good friendship die

Because you never had time to call and say hi

You’d better slow down

Don’t dance so fast

Time is short

The music won’t last

When you run so fast to get somewhere

You miss half the fun of getting there

When you worry and hurry through your day

It is like an unopened gift thrown away

Life is not a race

Do take it slower

Hear the music 

Before the song is over

More or Less,


Backblast #227 - Good Morning, Mr. President!

Date – 8/14/2019
AO – Calder Plaza Bunker

66 degrees

·       [0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 6 PAX] Gravy, Hasselhoff, Mad Cow, Radio, Dapends, Forrest


Warm o rama

·       10 cherry pickers with a back clap

·       Seated leg stretches

·       25 side straddle hops

·       40 hand release Merkins alternating with 4 Calder plaza sprints


The Thang – Good Morning Mr. President

·       PAX ran across the Blue Bridge to President Ford’s grave, stopped for 10 Clerkins and a salute

·       Ran to Calder over Bridge Street followed by 20 decline Merkins

·       PAX ran across the Blue Bridge to President Ford’s grave, then stopped for 15 Clerkins and a salute

·       Ran to Calder Plaza followed by 20 decline Merkins

·       PAX ran across the Blue Bridge to President Ford’s grave, paused only to say good morning, then returned to Calder plaza and finished off with 10 final hand release Merkins

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama, QIC asked each PAX to name one thing they were grateful for.

Backblast #226 Night Ruck

Saturday August 10, 2019

02:00 John Ball Park 59° / 91% Humidity

Goal Ruck through the night reaching near 13 miles with various obstacles and then complete the F3 Morning workout.

This was a great opportunity to experience similar conditions to the GROWRUCK that is coming up in September.

Disclaimer and Core Principles given to 5 PAX

Kraut, Snoop, Basic Bro, SoSo, QIC Soft Spot


We started with a basic PT test. Rucks off

AMRAP in 1 Minute Merkins

AMRAP in 1 Minute Sit-UPs

Shuttle run approx 1/2 Mile + in 5:00 Minutes

The Thang

The PAX departed the AO with 20-30# in their rucks, plus water and supplies. The route took us towards Millennium Park. As we ventured towards the path, YHC talked about some GORUCK videos he watched and terminology. We all had headlamps, and for majority of the hike, we did not use them. The first few miles were steady pace. It wasn’t long before we all noticed the foul air from the surroundings. We rucked past stagnant water and swampy grounds. As the path opened up we reached the trails of Millennium park. As we followed the path we had slight long incline hills to traverse to our water infiltration part.

We left the comfort of the path and the road and descended a step grade to the stream. For safety, we used our headlamps. Watching our steps we found parts to be very mucky and quickly changing depths. With a few downed tress to climb over or under we reached a spot that many chose to sit and step over the edge to near chest deep waters before we made it to the mouth of the stream. Once we all stepped onto the sandy shore we bear crawled along the edge of the water. Hands sinking in spots as we approached the boat dock on the Grand.

Now that we made it successfully to shore we made it for the tree line where our air drop supply was. Two small logs were laying in wait. The PAX picked them up and brought them back to the river for some exercise. First each PAX completed two Ruck Ups. This was not as easy. The water and the muck from the soft shore sucking us back down as we laid back gave extra credit to our work. We then held the logs to our chest as we performed flutter kicks in cadence. After 15 reps we raised the logs in hallelujah and performed another 15 in cadence. We decided to place our supply of logs back for the next time and start to work our way back to the AO. We rucked back through the water to the stream and back to Millennium Park. As we rucked along the trail we performed farmer carry for a distance then flap jacked. After Rucking for a bit more, we moved to hold the ruck up with one arm above our heads as a shoulder press for a distance before we flap jacked.

After a mile or so, we picked up the pace with a bit of a jog shuffle. We rucked for a bit more then as we approached the AO we took the hill to another supply drop. We had a weighted pipe that needed to be brought to the AO. Each PAX took turns carrying the pipe up the hill and through the woods. We reached the AO at 06:30, with completing 11.22 miles. We then prepared ourselves for the beatdown lead by Kraut.

Soft Spot

Backblast #225 - Turned 38? [GOOD]

I turned 38 years old and now its time to get after it.

Pre-Blast Via Slack (8/12/19):

YHC is back from my travel for business and pleasure. Last Friday (Aug. 9th) I turned 38 years old. Let's call this my birthday Q. No coupons...Accepting HC's in the thread below.

AO - Stairway To Heaven | 71 degress | 84% humidity

[0530 - Core Principles recited to 8 Pax] - Kraut, Snoop, Creatine, Gravy, Basic Bro, Sex Panther, Radio, MAD COW (QIC).

5 Core Principles: Are free of charge, Are open to all men, Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold, Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary, End with a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer: Welcome to F3Nation. We are a free, peer-led workout, which means that even if you think I look like a stud, I am not a professional. I have no training nor certification. This will be difficult, and I recommend you get in your car and go home. Or you can modify as needed and watch out for your brothers beside you. We leave no man behind, and we leave no man where we found them. Aye?


Various Stretching

10 SSH (IC)
10 Mt. Climbers (IC)
10 Merkins (IC)
10 BBS (IC)

10 SSH (IC)
10 Mt. Climbers (IC)
10 Werkins (IC)
10 LBC’s (IC)

10 SSH (IC)
10 Mt. Climbers (IC)
10 Ranger Merkins (IC)
10 BBS (IC)

The Thang:

To the WALL:
(10) Mike Tyson’s (IC) - Place your feet against a curb while in a plank position. Contract the legs for a horizontal squat. (1) Extend legs (2) Perform a Merkin (3) Return to starting position (4) or one rep.

(20) Exercise that I saw on Twitter last night (IC) – Head, shoulders, knees while in people’s chair

To the STAIRS:

Run to the stairs. 8 squats at every landing. Run to the end of the block. 8 burpees. Down the stairs. 3 squats at every landing. Run to the start point - 3 burpees. Rinse and repeat (X3).


20 Dips (IC) - Slow 4 count dips


3 exercises with 10 reps immediately following each other.

10 American Hammers (IC)
10 Flutter Kicks (IC)
10 BBS (IC)

Leaders Message:

Jocko Willink’s [GOOD]

“How do I deal with setbacks, failures, delays, defeats, or other disasters? I actually have a fairly simple way of dealing with these situations, summed up in one word:


This is something that one of my direct subordinates, one of the guys who worked for me, a guy who became one of my best friends pointed out.

He would pull me aside with some major problem or issue that was going on, and he’d say, “Boss, we’ve got this thing, this situation, and it’s going terribly wrong.”

I would look at him and say, “Good.”

And finally, one day, he was telling me about something that was going off the rails, and as soon as he finished explaining it to me, he said, “I already know what you’re going to say.”

And I asked, “What am I going to say?”

And he said, “You’re going to say: ‘Good.’ ”

He continued, “That’s what you always say. When Something is wrong or going bad, you just look at me and say, ‘Good.’ ”

 And I said, “Well. I mean it. Because that is how I operate.”

So I explained to him that when things are going bad, there’s going to be some good that will come from it.

Oh, the mission got canceled? Good… We can focus on another one.

Didn’t get the new high-speed gear we wanted? Good… We can keep it simple.

Didn’t get promoted? Good… More time to get better.

Didn’t get funded? Good… We own more of the company.

Didn’t get the job you wanted? Good… Go out, gain more experience, and build a better resume.

Got injured? Good… Needed a break from training.

Got tapped out? Good… It’s better to tap out in training than tap out on the street.

Got beat? Good… We learned.

Unexpected problems? Good… We have to figure out a solution

That’s it. When things are going bad: Don’t get all bummed out, don’t get started, don’t get frustrated. No. Just look at the issue and say: “Good.”

Now, I don’t mean to say something trite; I’m not trying to sound like Mr. Smiley Positive Guy.

That guy ignores the hard truth.

That guy thinks a positive attitude will solve problems.

It won’t. But neither will dwelling on the problem. No. Accept reality, but focus on the solution. Take that issue, take that setback, take that problem, and turn it into something good. Go forward. And, if you are part of a team, that attitude will spread throughout.

Finally: if you can say the word “good,” then guess what?

It means you’re still alive.

It means you’re still breathing.

And if you’re still breathing, that means you’ve still got some fight left in you.

So get up, dust off, reload, recalibrate, re-engage – and go out on the attack.”

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama


  • Gravy on Q Wednesday. Basic Bro on Q Thursday.

  • Kalamazoo two-year anniversary on Saturday. Ping and MAD COW co-Q.

  • Sex Panther has posted information on a ruck / hiking / bible study

Its [GOOD] to be back,


BackBlast #224-A Mosey in the Park

Preblast via Slack 8/11/19

Now since you know why you shouldn’t miss the workout tomorrow morning, I will tell you that I have the Q tomorrow morning at 5:30 at Johnson Park.  The location is below.  We will move along the trail with some pain stations mixed in.  No coupons required.  Can I get those HC’s?

AO-Johnson Park

60 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 3 PAX.  Roid Rage, Forrest, and Less (QIC)


-15 second toe touches

-15 second standing groin stretch

-10 cherry pickers with a back clap in cadence

-10 high knees in cadence

-10 butt kicks in cadence

-25 Side Straddle Hops in cadence

The Thang

-Moseyed along the trail

-Pain stations along the way

Bear crawl 40 yards

30 Jump Squats

Crab walk 40 yards

30 Lunges (1 each leg)

Crawl Bear 30 yards

30 merkins

20 burpees

Circle Squats-Just like circle merkins accept holding an Al Gore while not squatting.  Each Pax does 5 squats.  Went around the circle 4 times.


30 American Hammers in cadence

10 flutter kicks in cadence, 10 second leg lifts, 10 scissors in cadence

20 legs to sky in cadence



Leaders Message

7 Reasons to Never Miss a Monday Workout

1.      You’re more likely to work out the rest of the week.  Exercising on Mondays can get the ball rolling for your workout routine.

2.      You’ll smile more. Research shows that the average office worker doesn’t crack a smile until 11:16 a.m. But exercise could help you beat those Monday blues.

3.      You’ll quell anxious thoughts.  Dreading that mountain of paperwork gathering dust on your desk over the weekend?  Studies show that aerobic exercise can lessen general anxiety. Plus, high-intensity exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety sensitivity, or the fear of anxiety that is often a precursor to panic attacks.

4.      You’ll kickstart good self-control.  Exercise releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps keep you in control of impulses and can quiet anxious brain activity.

5.      You’ll catch better zzz’s.  One study revealed that four months of consistent exercise helped chronic insomniacs sleep 45 minutes more per night.

6.      You’ll boost brainpower.  One study showed that strenuous exercise helped participants perform better on a memory test. Scheduling a sweat session before you put your nose to the grindstone could help you absorb new concepts faster

7.      You might make more money. One study found an association between gym habits and higher pay. Employees who exercised regularly earned nine percent more than their couch potato peers.


More or Less,



Backblast #223 THE HAMMER

Preblast via Slack: “I’ve got the Q tomorrow at the Zoo! Bring a ruck if you have one, and a coupon if you don’t. It’s Hammer Time! Where are my HCs at?‽‽”

AO - The Zoo, 65F

[0700 - Core Principles recited to 14 Pax] - Basic Bro, Bald Eagle , Creatine, Hank the Tank, Hans, Soft Spot, Ferrigno, Snoop, Pit Boss, Less, Gravy, FNG (So So), FNG (Thruster), Kraut (QIC).

5 Pax were coming off of the 11 mile night ruck (0200 start time), and in to this work out.


20 SSH
10 Every White Guy at a Rap Concert
10 Seal Claps
10 Arm Circles each way

The Thang

PAX completed The Hammer from GoRuck’s August Rucking Challenge. All exercises were done with a partner, dividing the work between both people:

Buy In: 400m Partner Carry

300 Ruck Swings
300 Sit Ups (Rucks Off)
200 Lunges
200 Overhead Ruck Presses

Buy Out: 400m Partner Carry

For good measure, all Pax completed a 200m overhead ruck walk

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama

Less has the Q Monday Morning


Kraut - Out

Backblast #222 - Three’s Company

Thursdays have been becoming our most popular workout. With that, YHC knew he needed to keep the pax moving so he devised a plan to do just that.

Pax: Kraut, Hasselhof, Soft Spot, Creatine, Snoop, Roid Rage, Depends, Sex Panther, Radio, Pit Boss, QIC Bald Eagle


The pax began with the disclaimer and a mosey lab at 0530. From there, we circled up and began with some simple stretches, and then knocked out Motivators starting from 5. The pax were then introduced to the circular Tunnel of Love and army crawled underneath each pax until each pax had completed the circle.

The Thang:

Bear Crawl Lap - The pax separated into groups of 3. One pax began running around the track, the second pax began bear crawling around the track, the third pax began his run around the track when the first pax made it halfway around the track. When the first runner caught up with the bear crawler, he tapped him out by joining him for 2 merkins and then the bear crawler became a runner, and the runner became.the bear crawler. The 2nd runner became the bear crawler when he caught up with the bear crawler - this rotation continued until the bear crawlers made the full lap.

For the second evolution of the workout, the pax broke into 3 groups. The first group each held a chain and ran down hill for 2 city blocks and then back. The second group sprinted the straight-a-ways of the track and moseyed the circular ends, and the third group completed 10 merkins, 10 squats, and 10 cockroach crunches in recurring fashion until the first group returned. The first group with the chain set the rotation timing - when they returned, they started in on the merkins, and the merkin group then became the runners, and the runners became the chain gang. This was repeated twice.

The third evolution was called the Indian Bear Merkin. The pax got in formation in a line head to toe in plank position - the last pax bear crawled to the side of the pax in front of him and completed a merkin, he then bear crawled to the next person and completed a merkin alongside him and so on until he reached the front of the line. Each pax followed successively until all pax had completed a merkin alongside each fellow pax.


  • Overnight ruck on Friday Night

  • Kalamazoo One Year Next Saturday

  • GrowRuck just over a month out.

  • Word for the day was an encouragement to be sure to live each day and not go through the motions. You’ll experience some pain that way, but it’s the only way that joy can be fully realized as well.

Bald Eagle Out, Nice work men!

Backblast #221 Run Club

Wednesday August 7, 2019

AO: Calder Plaza

YHC made a Pre-Blast call to the HIMS of F3 Grand Rapids to join me if they wanted to work on their run game.

A few answered the call and joined the straight forward plan of stretching, running and burpees.

Core Principles and Disclaimer given to 4 PAX

Depends, Hasselhoff, Miss Daisy, QIC Soft Spot


  • 10 sec hold IC LRC stretch

  • 10 sec hold Quad stretch - flapjack

  • 10 sec hold side lunge stretch - flapjack

The Thang

The PAX headed out to complete the run with a start heading up the Lyon St. hill. When we reached the top we took a 10 seconds to recover and continued on the route. At Mile 1 and 3 we completed 10 Burpees oyo. At Mile 3 we worked back towards the AO and circled up at Calder Plaza.

We worked for a little cool down

  • 10 Inchworms to merkins oyo, (focusing on form and stretching in the inchworm)

  • 10 sec hold IC LRC stretch

Topping off the workout to an end with a little yoga with a Downward dog and child pose.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama


Backblast #220 - MACV-SOG Workout

Preblast via Slack: “@channel - tomorrow is Tuesday and that means stairs and pain. Who’s a HC??!! Please HC/SC/DR/Out here. Bring your ruck or coupon/cinder block. If you don’t have a cinder block, go buy one for less than a dollar at your nearest big box store!”

@channel - at the request of the 1FQ, @Kraut, tomorrow we will incorporate the GO RUCK August challenge (Guerrilla Ops) into our workout. Here is a little statement to kick it off: This month, we honor the Special Forces (SF) soldiers who served in the Vietnam War and shaped the history of the Green Berets. We will also remember the work they did as part of Military Assistance Command, Vietnam-Studies and Observation Groups (MACVSOG) to stem the spread of Communism across Southeast Asia. All four of the challenge workouts are designed to be done with a partner because working as a cohesive unit, and supporting each other through challenging circumstances, has always been a cornerstone of the teams.

AO - Stairway to Heaven, 70F, HUMID

[0530 - Core Principles recited to 10 Pax] - Kraut, Bald Eagle, Snoop, Pumbaa, Radio, Less, S.P., Creatine (FNG), Pitt Boss, Roid Rage (QIC).


Windmill - IC, 15X, lower back twist stretch, knees to chest stretch, high knees, butt kickers

The Thang

Mosey to stairs and overhead carry rucks/coupons/cinder blocks to the top of the stairs. This is a partner exercise, so the partner that isn’t performing the wokrout will run, with ruck/coupon, down two long flights of stairs and back up. Switch and pick up where other partner left off.

  1. 100 no push-up burpees (ruck on) - THIS IS THE BUY IN PART. MUST COMPLETE.

    Then two rounds of the following:

  2. 24 ruck swings

  3. 64 merkins (rucks off)

  4. 24 ruck squats

  5. 64 sit-ups (ruck off)

Mosey back to the AO and we performed the following:

Burpees (rucks off) - IC, 10X

American Hammers - IC, 25X

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama

Never forget about the ultimate sacrifice that service members have provided.

-Rage of Roids

Backblast #219 - Monday Miles

Pax: Soft Spot, QIC Bald Eagle

Two pax showed for a black ops to scout out some terrain for the upcoming Johnson Park launch. The workout covered an easy 2.5 miles with a few pain stations along the way: Al Gore holds, Merkins, Dips, Lunges, Slow Freddie Mercuries, LBC’s, and Star Fish Crunches.

The notable event was while doing Mary a gentleman pulled his car over and yelled if we were okay.

The path we took - running the path toward Millenium Park, down Riverbend, and back on Veteran’s Memorial definitely could be added to workout plans at Johnson.

Short & sweet, Bald Eagle out.

Backblast #218 – August scavenger ruck


It was time for the twice monthly co-ed ruck in preparation for the Go-Ruck Light and Go-Ruck Tough event in September.  Today we completed a scavenger hunt as prepared by to earn our August patch.

AO – Brewery Vivant

86 degrees and sunny


[1730 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 4 PAX] – Kraut, Rob (GR ruck club member), Paula (Kraut’s M), Hasselhoff (QIC)




The Thang:

Today we completed the August challenge for which was a scavenger hunt, totaling 25 different items ranging from post office to tattoo parlor.  We completed 5.14 miles in 90 minutes, viewing all of the items on the list.

Count-O-Rama – Name-O-Rama




The beaches are safe,


Backblast #216 - Arm and Hammer

Date: Thurs, 8/1/19

Location: Hospital Hill Track


PreBlast on Slack: Gentlemen! Looking for your HC for 5:30 in the morning at the usual Thursday AO. Bring those coupons. SYITG!  


Conditions: 59 Deg F, No Wind, Moderate Humidity

PAX: Kraut, Snoop, Dapends, Bald Eagle, Basic Bro, Cortez, Crumpet, Roid Rage, Pit Boss, Rehab (QIC)


Disclaimers and Things



20 SSH (IC)

20 Speed Skaters (IC)

20 SSH (IC)

20 Mountain Climbers (IC)

20 SSH (IC)

20 Imperial Walkers (IC)

20 SSH (IC)

Capri Lap


Mary’s 11’s OYO-  Little Baby Crunches and American Hammers (4 Count): Bear Crawl and return with Lunges: 1 LBC, Bear Crawl 20 yards, 10 AH Lunge 20 yards; 2 LBC Bear Crawl 9 AH Lunges; Etc… (Each pass adds to 11… 55 of each total)

Capri Lap


The Thang: Arm & Hammer

In Cadence (60 of Each by the end of the cycle)

15 Coupon Curls

15 Merkins

15 Bent Over Rows

Sprint Field & Mosey Back


12 Coupon Curls

12 Merkins

12 Bent Over Rows

Sprint Field & Mosey Back


9 Coupon Curls

9 Merkins

9 Bent Over Rows

Sprint Field & Mosey Back


6 Coupon Curls

6 Merkins

6 Bent Over Rows

Sprint Field & Mosey Back


3 Coupon Curls

3 Merkins

3 Bent Over Rows

Sprint Field & Mosey Back


15 Coupon Curls

15 Merkins

15 Bent Over Rows

Sprint Field & Mosey Back

Cool Down (Leg Stretches on your 6)

Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Announcements, Circle of Trust


A Poem by Hafiz - 14th Century Sufi Mystic

The small man

Builds cages for everyone     



While the sage,        

Who has to duck his head    

When the moon is low,

Keeps dropping keys all night long               

For the           




Backblast #215 - War.

Date: August 3, 2019

Preblast: I'm posting the pre-blast one day early so you have one more night to swing by a grocery store. Here's the deal: Saturday's workout was planned to be a team vs team workout, so let's make it a friendly competition!! At the end of the workout, the *LOSING* team will have to do the number of *burpees* equal to how many items the *WINNING* team brought for donation. In avoidance of doubt, here are some examples. If you bring a box of package oatmeal packets, that counts as a single item. If you bring a box of granola bars, that counts as a single item. I'm bringing a 4X6 folding table as part of the workout, so lets plan on filling that table full of donations and rally around @Hasselhoff in support of this good cause. I will take your early HCs for this 0700 Saturday Morning workout @ the Zoo.

AO: The Zoo

60° / 90% Humidity / 29.3in Pressure

Core Principles and Disclaimer recited to 9 PAX

Kraut, Hanz, Bald Eagle, Dapends, Hank the Tank, Roid Rage, Stalin, Basic Bro, Snoop (QIC)

Capri Lap
Cherry Pickers with a Back Clap IC X15
Arm Circles X30 → Overhead Claps X30  → Seal Claps X30 → 30 Second count from Basic Bro while keeping arms raised at side.
Jump Lunges to Burpee (This was new and I struggled through the cadence. It needs a bit of work).
Lateral Bear Crawl to cone (About 15 Yards) and back.
High Knees to cone and back. 

The Thang
We filled the table with food donations for Hand to Hand! I asked the group if somebody would be willing to step up and lead the second team, as the group would be broken into two teams competing against each other. Hank the Tank step up and took leadership over team one. 

As the preblast indicated, the team that lost, was going to have to do the total number of burpees equal to the amount of items brought by the winning team. This is when I broke it to the PAX, that the winning team was going to be decided by luck.

Team 1 Vs Team 2 in a friendly game of war.

YHC shuffled and split the deck, giving Hank the Tank the opportunity to choose which pile he wanted to play from.

The rules were simple: Each round would have a winning team, dictated by who won the card flip. Any numbered cards would get +10 reps to the number showing, Face cards were 25 reps, and Aces were 30 reps. The winning team of the flip, got to do the lower amount of reps showing (The losing card) and the losing team had to do reps equal to the winning card showing.

Round 1
Army crawl to 1st cones + Merkins: Won by team 1
Mosey to 2nd cones + Jump Squats: Won by Team 2
Army crawl to 1st cones + Lunges: Won by Team 2
Mosey to 2nd cones + LBCs: Won by Team 2.

At the end of the first round, it was 3-1, which team 2 taking a solid lead. As a break for motivation, the PAX did motivators from 4.

Round 2
Army crawl to 1st cones + WW1 Situps: Won by team 1
Mosey to 2nd cones + Squats: Won by Team 1
Army crawl to 1st cones + Plank Jacks: Won by Team 2
Mosey to 2nd cones + SSH: Won by Team 2.

At the end of the second round, it was team 2 in the lead with 5 wins. Team 1 was trailing by 2 with 3 wins, however there was some nefarious behavior by team 1, possibly attempting to rig the deck, so the two claimed wins in round 2 were suspect. 

Motivators from 4 before running into the 3rd round, which wouldn’t be fully completed due to time.

Round 3
High Knees to 1st cones + Mountain Climbers: Won by team 1
Mosey to 2nd cones + BBS: Won by Team 2
High Knees to 2nd cones + Shoulder Taps: Won by Team 2

In the end, team 2 (Stalin, Dapends, Hanz, and Snoop) won with a commanding lead of 7 to 4ish. This resulted in team 1 having to split a total of 69 Burpees, for a total of 14 from each PAX on team 1 (Basic Bro, Hank the Tank, Bald Eagle, Kraut, Roid Rage)

American Hammers IC X20
Circle of Merkins. Three times around the circle, adding a merkin rep each time
Boat Canoe 



“The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards. They either help us to become the-best-version-of-ourselves or encourage us to become lesser versions of ourselves. We become like our friends. No man becomes great on his own. No woman becomes great on her own. The people around them help to make them great.We all need people in our lives who raise our standards, remind us of our essential purpose, and challenge us to become the-best-version-of-ourselves.” 


Drop It Like It’s Hot


Backblast #214 Extreme Couponing

Tuesday July 30, 2019

AO: The Stairs

68° / Humidity 93%

Core Principles and Disclaimer recited to 16 PAX

Snoop, Basic Bro, Kraut, Roid Rage, Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, Stalin, Depends, Pumba, Boris, Pit Boss, Forest, S.P. Sex Panther, Radio, Gravy, QIC Soft Spot

Pre-Blast: God Morning Gents! I have the Q for the Stairs. I will be bringing a friend with me and she is a fan of extreme couponing. So lets see the coupons and HC’s


10 IC Cherry Pickers with Backclap

Circle of Goofballs. ( While performing a goofball PAX takes turn calling down. The PAX then performs a burpee and continues with a goofball. Go until each PAX has a turn to call down.)

AO Lap.

The Thang.

The PAX picked up the coupons and moseyed over to the stairs. There we performed a 1-2-3 with a partner. Cummalitive PAX had to reach

100 Merkins with hands on the coupon

200 LBC with Coupon high on chest

300 Goblet Squats.

While one PAX was performing the exercise the other would make a trip on the stairs with their coupon.

Modification as needed.

Completing the routine would be around 6 trips on the stairs

When It was getting close YHC called time for us to head back to the AO for a few minutes of Mary.

We circled up for a circle of Blockies. With this we held the Coupon above our head and went around the circle each performing a blockie. When you finished performing your blockie you would continue to hold the coupon above your head until everyone has completed it.

Roid Rage led us with 20 American Sledge Hammers (American Hammers with a coupon)

Then we finished up with WW! situps but holding the Coupon. 10 slow 4 count IC.

Name-o-Rama/ Count-o-Rama


- Soft Spot