Backblast #144 – Good old fashion beat down


YHC had the Q in the gloom, so I was thinking of ways to give a good beat down to all the HC’ed.  I thought of doing a planned workout like a BOMBS, however thought I could make that much harder, and I did. 

AO – GRCC track

63 Degrees


[0530 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 12 PAX] – Dapends, Bald Eagle, Gravy, Rehab, Popeye (F3 NC), Little Brother, Fresh Cream, Basic Bro, Snoop, Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Hasselhoff (QIC)



SSH 10

Light stretching

The Thang:

BARNS (like a BOMBS, but harder)

PAX partnered up.  One person completed exercises, while the other ran 75 yards and back

    • 50 Blockees

    • 100 Arm Curls w/coupon

    • 150 Rows (bent over back rows w/coupon)

    • 200 Nose crushers (tri-cep extension with coupon, standing or on your 6)

    • 250 SSH (2 count) while the partner farmer carried the coupons during the run

People’s chair for 30 seconds, followed by People’s deep chair (legs at 75 degree angle) for 30 seconds

Captain Thor

                BBS followed by American Hammers, with a 1:4 ratio.  We completed up to 7 BBS and 28 American Hammers.

Count-O-Rama – Name-O-Rama



Roid Rage has the Q on Saturday.

Basic Bro is going to ruck to Logan’s Alley post beat down on Saturday

CSAUP in 4/27, people can donate money for admin costs of F3 GR


The beaches are safe,


Backblast #143 - Let's Run Those Horses

Its Wednesday morning - what do I have planned? RUNNING

Preblast via Slack 4/16/19

On April 17, 1964, The Ford Motor Company unveiled its new Mustang model at the New York World's Fair. The Mustang was championed by Ford Division general manager Lee Iacocca, with a suggested retail price of $2,368. The car was a great success and sold over one million cars in its first 18 months.

Whether your horse is a Mustang or a Clydesdale all are welcome for the Wednesday morning run club. HC's are now being accepted.

#SYITG #NoManLeftBehind #LetEmRun

AO – The Calder

Environment - 42 Degrees | 94% Humidity | Slightly Windy

[0530 - Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 8 PAX] – Hasselhoff, Basic Bro, Soft Spot, Bald Eagle, Forrest, Radio, Popeye (F3 Raleigh) & MAD COW (QIC) 

The concentration of red = PAIN stations

The concentration of red = PAIN stations


Warm Up

Various Stretching
20 SSH (IC)
20 Merkins (IC)
20 Mt. Climbers (IC)
20 BBS (IC)

The Thang

It is the goal of YHC to get in 3 miles (5K) with some PAIN stations thrown into the mix. We would accomplish this goal. Here are the list of pain stations thrown into the 5K.


20 Derkins by the river (Lyon St)
10 Burpees at Rosa Parks Circle
Backward / forward run across the blue bridge
Run up stairs in the skywalk
Wheel of merkins behind the Arena
Incline merkins (spread ‘em) by the police station
Slow (4 count) dips off of Ionia Ave
False finish - Turn right up Commerce Ave for a trip up the ‘fancy’ stairs


10 BBS into a WW2
James Bond
20 LBC’s

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


- Last day to order a t-shirt for the CSAUP 12-mile ruck
- Ruck on Easter still moving forward - AO is Johnson Park. Bald Eagle’s deck is open for business shortly following
- Hasselhoff has the Q tomorrow at the GRCC track

Its a pleasure,

Backblast #142 - Double Helping of Paincakes

With some gaps in the Q sign-ups for April, including one for this workout, YHC and Mad Cow stepped up to deliver a double helping of paincakes to the pax. Even more, we planned it right in front of their computer-fatigued eyes and gave their phones so many Slack notifications that their cell phones must have felt like the slot machines our own BasicBro just tore up in Vegas. Despite seeing the looming pain plan, 13 pax posted.

Pax: Radio, Forrest, BasicBro, Stalin, Roid Rage, Snoop, Gravy, Kraut, Fresh Cream, Rehab, DM, QIC’s Mad Cow & YHC Bald Eagle.


(MC) Stretching - left, center, right (IC)
(BE) SSH - 25x (IC)
(MC) Mt. Climber w/Merkin (IC) - 20x
(BE) 5x SSH followed by 2x Burpee - 5x

The Thang

(MC) Alternative should taps to (BE) Dirty Hook-ups (IC) - 30x (BE & MC were each waiting on the other to wrap the exercise, so we offered the pax more value than anticipated)
(MC) Slow Squats (IC) - 10x
(BE) Moguls (IC) - 7x (counting of these is as exhausting as doing them)

Paula Abdul (2 pax at a time)
Run 2 landings up, 5 incline merkins on bar, run 1 landing back, 5 pull ups.
Run to stop sign when finished, plank til the 6 arrives.

Return to base of stairs, bunny hop each stair to top and sprint (on jello legs) to intersection. 


(MC) Howling Monkeys (IC) - 13x
(BE) Spider Crunches - 20x
(MC) Marionettes (OYO) - 10x
(BE) Boat Canoes - 13x


Good to see Stalin, DM, & BasicBro back in the saddle.
The 50 degree rain felt quite pleasant after the 3” mid-April (!!!) snow shower over the weekend.
Moguls are a challenge to count.
Co-Q’ing worked out well and could be used
Need more Q’s - let’s fill the schedule a month out.
Sign-up for the CSAUP Ruck on 4/27.
Anniversary party on 5/4 - beatdown in the am, Bald Eagle’s in the evening.

Bald Eagle Out

Backblast #141: Good old fashion ruck training


It is the nice morning in the gloom and YHC decided to put together some ruck training events to prepare for the CSAUP in a few weeks. 

AO – John Ball Zoo

39 Degrees


[0700 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 10 PAX] – Stalin, DM, Dapends, Less, Snoop, Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Scar (FNG), Forrest, Hasselhoff (QIC)



Motivators - 5

The Thang:

Team carry:

                Each PAX was wearing a ruck.  2 PAX carried a large wooden box filled with window weight (70-80 pounds), while the remaining PAX ran carrying a coupon a distance of 50 yards, dropping the coupons and returning to take the weights out of the wooden box; running back to the final location.  PAX planked and waited for everyone to return.  In the plank position we completed the following exercises: 5 Merkins, 5 Plank-jacks, 5 Alternating shoulder taps.  We completed this process 5 more times, added a new weight, 25 pound minimum, running to the new location, ensuring that each person was carrying a coupon and other weight by the end.  We returned to the starting point.


                We ran to the hidden hill stairs and planked for 1 minute.  We ran up the stairs and completed partner dips for 1 minute per each PAX.  We moseyed to the electric box and completed 10 Squats IC.  We moseyed down to the fallen tree and complete 10 Merkins IC.  We moseyed to the speed limit sign and completed 10 SSH IC.  We moseyed to the bottom of the hill and completed 10 Windmills IC.  We moseyed back to the AO, stopping once to Al Gore while waiting for the 6.

Donut of Pain:

                In a circle we completed the Donut of Pain, consisting of 5 Merkins, while the other PAX were in plank.  5 Squats, while the other PAX were in Al Gore.  5 Burpees, while the other PAX either SSH or Plank (depending on level of exhaustion).  10 Flutter kicks, while the other PAX kept their legs 6 inches off the gound.

Count-O-Rama – Name-O-Rama


YHC came with some quotes regarding teamwork.

“In union there is strength” Aesop

“In team work, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly” Mark Sanborn


Coffee after the work out.


The beaches are safe,


Backblast #140 Happy Burpsday!

Preworkout Slack Post: “YHC has the Q tomorrow at the GVSU track. I’ve been knocked out the last few days with a cold, but I’m feeling pretty good at this point. Who’s an HC for a little fun in the gloom?”

This was followed by: “I promise it will be a simple workout!”

AO - GRCC Track and Uptown GR

Weather - 33F with a light dusting of snow

[0530 - Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 6 PAX] – Bald Eagle, Snoop, MAD COW, Forrest, Hasselhoff, and Kraut (QIC)


Motivators from 5

10x Cherry Pickers w/ Back Clap

The Thang

YHC had promised a simple workout:


10 Burpees IC


10 Burpees IC


9 Burpees IC (Much mumblechatter was heard at this point, the PAX had figured out how “simple” this was going to be)


9 Burpees IC


8 Burpees IC


8 Burpees IC


7 Burpees IC


7 Burpees IC


6 Burpees IC


6 Burpees IC


5 Burpees IC


5 Burpees IC


4 Burpees IC


4 Burpees IC


3 Burpees IC


3 Burpees IC


2 Burpees IC


2 Burpees IC


1 Burpee IC


1 Burpee IC

Mosey to AO

At this point, YHC informed the PAX that they had done 110 Burpees and asked all of them if they had 10 left in them, to reach 120. The HIM unanimously agreed that they did.

10 Burpees OYO

6 MoM

20 American Hammers

20 LBCs

10 Dr. W’s

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama / Annoucements

Hasselhoff has the Q on Saturday. Sign up for the CSAUP on Slack if you haven’t!

Kraut - Out

Backblast #139 - Cooldown beatdown

SLACK pre-workout statement:

Hi @channel - YHC is the QIC tomorrow at Calder plaza. Time to HC and build that *3S2T* [speed, strength, stamina, toughness (mental), and toughness (physical)]. HC TO THIS THREAD AND SYITG!

AO – Calder Plaza

Environment - 41F with a 10 mph wind out of the ENE.

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 6 PAX] – MAD COW, Bald Eagle, Forrest, Dapends, Gravy, Roid Rage (QIC)


  1. SSH - IC - 20X

  2. Merkins - IC - 20X

  3. SSH - IC - 15X

  4. Merkins - IC - 15X

  5. SSH - IC - 10X

  6. Merkins - IC - 10X

  7. Cherry Pickers w/ ass slap (slow) - IC - 15X

  8. Sprinkler - IC - 10X


A 2 mile mosey round trip to Canal Park Playground was initiated with the following pain stations:

  1. Dirty Hookups-20X - IC

  2. Plank - 60 seconds

  3. Bear crawls - down a ramp on riveredge trail

  4. Jump Squats w/ Al Gore - OYO - 10X

  5. Merkins - IC - 20X

  6. Dips - IC - 30X

  7. Derkins - IC - 15X

  8. 5 minutes of pull ups at Canal Park - OYO - 15X

  9. Freddie Mercuries - IC - 20X

  10. American Hammers - IC - 25X


  • Brief statement on accountability and choosing not to be the victim!

  • “When you blame others, you give up the power to change” - Dr. Robert Anthony (see below)


Backblast #138 - Movin' on Up

While YHC was licking his wounds from sliding back to a second place ($0 winnings vs. $550 win for 1st) finish in the F3 Naperville March Madness pool due to Virginia’s OT win, the pax gathered to #getafterit the stairs. Five trips up and down were promised, and as with any good transaction the Q over-delivered.

Weather 48 with a Feels Like temp of 39. Shorts Weather.

Pax: Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Snoop, Hasselhof, Radio, Rehab, QIC Bald Eagle

The pax started with 2 capri laps where we were able to scoop up Rehab & Snoop. From there we slid right into a 5 count Motivator, 16 Count Windmill, 10 Count Speed Skater, and 16 Arm-Raise Merkins.

We moseyed to the stairs and continued the warm-o-rama with a standard trip up and down.

The pax were then given a time hack of 10 minutes to complete as many trips up and down as possible. A few years back YHC remembered doing 10 trips in 30 minutes, so we set the bar at a minimum of 3 trips up and down. Roid Rage & Radio pushed each other to complete an impressive 5 trips up & down, and the rest of the pax were able to complete just about 4 trips up & down.

We then slowseyed over to the mural wall where we held a 1 minute wall sit to make the legs burn a little more, followed by 10 arm-raise merkins to ensure we did not leave the arms void of work. We slowseyed back over to the base of the stairs, and were given the instructions that the next trip up would be AYG for time. Two stopwatches started at the same time, one traveled up with the first pax up, the second released pax at 10 second intervals so we could gauge our times and push ourselves.

At the top of the hill we moseyed to the streetsign and then back down the stairs to the AO for 6 MoM, which included 10 arm-raise merkins, 20 LBC’s, and leg lifts twice around the circle. The pax finished with a relaxing and refreshing minute of shavasana prior to the CoT.

Stats: the heart rate monitor showed we spent:

9% in Warm-Up (106 HR)
34% in Fat Burn (119 HR)
15% in build fitness (136 HR)
34% in High Intensity (164 HR)
8% in Extreme (174 HR)


  • Embrace the Ruck event coming up on 4/27.

  • Anniversary on 5/4

  • YHC shared a few words from the book The Culture Code about the importance of creating a safe culture of belonging.

Bald Eagle Out

#137 Flora meets the Stairs

Thursday April 2, 2019

AO: The Stairs

39° / 63% Humidity / 5 mph SSW

Disclaimer and core principles recited to 9 PAX

Bald Eagle, Forrest, Krout, Depends, Rehab, Roid Rage, Fresh Cream, Radio, QIC Soft Spot

Warm - o - Rama
-25 SSH

-Stretch 10sec hold

Wide stance, bend to the right, left, middle

-Circle of goofballs

The PAX would perform goofballs until a PAX called down, we would then complete a burpee and go right back into goofballs. Rinse and repeats until all PAX called down.

The Thang

 The PAX picked up their coupon and Mosey to the stairs for a routine.

The PAX partnered up. 

To start we made one trip up and back on the stairs.

Round 1 - Proceed to 100 Merkins. (One PAX would have feet on the coupon and hold plank while the other, also with feet on their coupon, perform 10 merkins. Rotate until they reached 100)

Before they were able to start round 2 they made another trip up and back on the stairs.

Round 2 - 200 LBC

PAX started on their 6. While one held the coupon high on their chest performing 20 LBC, the other held arms straight up holding the coupon. Rotate until reaching 200

Another trip up and back on the stairs.

Round 3 - 300 Goblet Squats

PAX would hold the coupon like a goblet and perform 25squats while the other held the coupon like a goblet in the down position.

Last trip up the stairs. Once everyone made it to the top Wheel of Merkins was performed. 5 Merkin rep IC rotating to the left until the wheel was complete.

The PAX went back down the stairs to the AO.

There was a little time left, so the PAX performed some streatches to help recover. 

Wide stance reaching to the right, left, center. 10sec hold

Holding one leg behind for 10sec hold and flapjack.

Then pulling the arm behind the head for. 10sec hold, flapjack.


That's a wrap,   - Soft Spot. I

Backblast #136 - DORACIDES


 Date - 4/6/2019

AO – John Ball Zoo

Environment – 39 F

[0530] Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 14 PAX] – Bald Eagle, Dapends, Forrest, Gravy, Hasselhoff, Kraut, Less, Mad Cow, Miss Daisy, Radio, Roid Rage, Soft Spot, Groundhog (FNG), Snoop (QIC)


Mosey lap around the parking lot
High Knees IC X15
Cherry picker with a back clap IC X15
Bat Wings Forward (30s) à Bat Wings Backward (30s) à Every White Guy at a Rap Concert (X30) à Seal Claps (X30)

The Thang
As promised to the PAX, we would be jamming out to music doing to workout. I arrived to the top of the hill parking lot before 7AM to setup cones for the workout and drop off the speaker. Today’s music theme – Old School Rap
Mosey to the base of the hill behind the Zoo.
            LBC X15
            BBS X12
            Squats X12

The Pax then sprinted about ¼ of the way up the hill and held plank. After all the PAX arrived, we moseyed another ¼ of the way up the hill and held plank.
            Mountain Climbers X12
Sprinted another ¼ of the way up the hill and held plank. Once the PAX arrived, we moseyed the remainder up the hill and held plank.
            Mountain Climbers X12.

This is no typical DORA. We broke into groups of two and the goal was to complete the following rep counts as a group.
            100 BBS
            200 Squats
            300 LBCs

While one partner was making a dent in the culminative rep count, their partner was to enjoy the cones YHC setup before the workout. These were suicides on steroids. Run to the first cone, then do 1 burpee. Run back to your partner and then run to the second cone for two burpees. Run back to your partner and back to the third cone for 3 burpees.

The PAX powered through the DORA whilst jamming out to old school rap. YHC worked in the couple of song requests that were dropped into the slack channel when looking for HCs.

The PAX then partnered up with somebody else.
            Patty Merkins X15
            Run a lap around the parking lot
            Jump Squats Claps X15
            Run a lap around the parking lot
            BBS with Clap at the Top X15
            Run a lap around the parking lot

Mosey back down the stairs to the AO

We circled back up and had time for one more workout before the 6MoM. High Knees while we went around the circle, with each PAX calling “down”. When Down was called, the PAX dropped down and did a merkin, then jumped back up to continue doing high knees. 14 PAX = 14 merkins.

  LBCs IC x15
            WW2 Situps OYO x15
            Flutter Kicks IC X15
            American Hammers IC X25 (Thanks to Roid Rage for counting these. I was pretty smoked and knew I wasn’t going to make to. Plus, Roid Rage LOVES American Hammers.)

Count-o-Rama | Name-o-Rama

“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” –John Wooden

“Courage is the greatest of all virtues, because if you haven’t courage, you may not have the opportunity to use any of the others.” -Samuel Johnson

Drop it like it’s hot



Backblast #135 - lap, forrest, lap!

SLACK pre-workout statement:

Got the Q tomorrow. Who’s an HC? Bring them coupons.

AO – GRCC Track

Environment - 35F with a 10 mph wind out of the E.

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 9 PAX] – Kraut, Roid Rage, Bald Eagle, Hasselhoff, Radio, Rehab, Miss Daisy, Snoop, Forrest (QIC)


  1. SSH - IC - 25X

  2. Cherry Pickers w/ back clap - IC - 20X

  3. Capri lap - 1X

  4. Bring Sally Up - Music - 1X squat on “bring sally up, bring sally down”


  1. Run lap - OYO

  2. Colt 45 - IC (coupon)

  3. Run lap - OYO

  4. LBCs - IC - 20X (coupon)

  5. Run lap - OYO

  6. Merkins- IC - 20X (coupon)

  7. Run lap - OYO

  8. Squats - IC - 30X

  9. Run lap - OYO

  10. Blockees - OYO - 15X

  11. Run lap - OYO

  12. Mountain Climbers -OYO - 30X

  13. Run lap - OYO

  14. Thunderstruck- Music - 1X merkin for every “Thunder” or “Thunderstruck”

COT (Q source material), Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama


Backblast #134 - The FNGs Outnumbered Us

For our monthly evening workout, YHC led a classic POAS workout, with varying difficulty levels for each exercise, allowing PAX to modify up or down as needed.

AO - Founder’s Brewing

Weather - 50F and Sunny

[1800 - Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 15 PAX] – Roid Rage, Bald Eagle, Radio, Fresh Cream, Snoop, Soft Spot, FNG (Motorboat), FNG (Reboot), FNG (Elvis), FNG (Sham Wow), FNG (Buzz Saw), FNG (Yard Sale), FNG (Ric Flair), FNG (Tardy), and Kraut (QIC)


Mosey to Engine House No 6

15 High Knees IC


10 Mountain Climbers IC

10 Cherry Pickers IC

The Thang

Mosey to Grand Rapids Station

15 Merkins

Mosey to green space south of station

15 Squats

Mosey to Pacific Pride Gas Station

15 SSH

Mosey to corner of Pleasant and Ionia

10 Alternating Lunges

Mosey to Downtown Market Lower Parking Lot

15 Ranger Merkins

Mosey to Downtown Market Upper Parking Lot

15 Dips

Mosey to Wealthy Overpass

15 SSH, 15 Merkins

Mosey to Heartside Park Pavilion

10 Step Ups

Mosey to US Signal

15 Squats

Mosey Cherry and 131 Entrace

Al Gore until the cross walk turned

Mosey to 131 Overpass

15 Derkins

Mosey to Custer Parking Lot

6 MoM

20 LBCs

20 American Hammers

10 BBS

20 Flutter Kicks

10 Merkins

Leader’s Message:

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Excerpt from Citizenship in a Republic


It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama / FNG Naming

After the beatdown the PAX gathered for a HDHH at Founder’s, and a chance to meet some of the crew.

Kraut - Out

#5K Wednesday

Backblast #134: - #5KWednesday


It is the first Wednesday of the month, so the majority of the PAX will be attending our evening beat down.  For those who could not attend YHC arranged a morning beat down in the gloom.

AO – Calder Plaza

40 degrees and windy


[0530 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 2 PAX] – Dapends, Hasselhoff (QIC)




The Thang:

We went for 3.4 mile mosey through the Westside of Grand Rapids, with some various exercises merkins (55), squats (55) and dips (15).

Count-O-Rama – Name-O-Rama


Lots of talk about safety when running and wearing appropriate reflective attire for early morning runs.  Talked about difficulty in increasing attendance due to early time of workouts.


There is a later beat down tonight at 6 p.m. at Founders

The beaches are safe,


Backblast #132 - Jagged Little Pills

After a week with weather climbing into the 60’s, the crisp 30 degree temps returned (during Spring Break week I might add). Despite the cold temps, multiple pax remained committed wearing shorts from here on out.

Pax: Kraut, Radio, Snoop, Hasselhof, Roid Rage, Gravy, Less, QIC Bald Eagle

With the Chicago GrowRuck coming up in the spring, YHC wanted to give the pax a taste of carrying heavy objects for extended periods of time. Toward that end pax were encouraged to bring rucks and coupons, and YHC added a log, Mr. T Chain, and box full of 23 old window weights (aka Jagged Little Pills, aka Blunts).



Rucks On:
Capri Lap
Stretches -
Arms behind head, flapjack.
Toe touches 
8 Count Motivators
Merkins - 10x
Groiners - 15x
Merkins - 10x
Mountain Climbers - 15x


Instructions for the Indian Ruck were given, and the pax moved out. Pax 1 & 2 carried the box filled with the JLP’s (approx. weight 70-80 lbs). Pax 3 carried the log, Pax 4-6 farmer carried 2 coupons each. Pax 7 carried the Mr. T chain, and Pax 8 only had his ruck as he ran to relieve Pax 1. The pax then rotated through each position until we arrived at the base of the hill.  If anything coupon touched the ground, a 5 burpee penalty would have ensued.

At the hill the pax planked while instructions for the next exercise were given. Pax 1 & 2 were to carry the box with the JLP’s & chain up the hill, and the remaining pax were to sprint 100 yards up the hill and return to the pax with the box and carry as many of the JLP’s back up to the 100 yard marker as they could. They then returned down the hill to finish with the pax with the empty wood crate. 

The next two pax grabbed the box at the 100 yard mark, and the exercise was repeated to the next 100 yard mark. This was repeated a total of 4x so all pax had a chance to carry the box.  At the top of the hill the pax set the coupons down and did 10 batwings forward, 10 batwings reverse, 10 overhead claps, and 10 seal claps to ensure the shoulders were properly smoked.

The pax returned down the hill with the same pattern - 2 pax carrying the box, the pax sprinting 100 yards, and returning relieve the box carriers by grabbing the JLP’s and running them to the 100 yard mark. This was repeated all the way down the hill. 

The pax then were given a time hack of 5 minutes to return to the shovel flags carrying all coupons in any manner desired. Rucks were stuffed with JLP’s, coupons and the log carried, and the pax moved swiftly to beat the time hack by 7 seconds. 

Rucks down. 


SSH - 15x
Dr. W - 10x


Truth Nuggets:

1. Use Lent as a time to check your desires. What are you wanting? Is it worth wanting? What will you do for that? Chase things that are worth wanting. 

2. The exercises were designed toward teamwork - the faster you sprinted, the quicker you were able to relieve the JLP carriers. Keep an eye out for how you can help others, and be willing to accept help when offered as well. 


Backblast #131: Octagon of Pain

Date - 3/28/2019

AO – GRCC Track

Environment – 49 F

[0530] Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 9 PAX] – Gravy, Kraut, DM, Bald Eagle, Roid Rage, Rehab, Hasselhoff, Mad Cow, Snoop (QIC)


Bat Wings – 30 Seconds each way
Every White Guy at a Rap Concert (Overhead Claps) – 30 Seconds
Motivators from 5…..100% didn’t count this correctly. Not a big deal as the PAX was going to get plenty of practice motivating themselves today.
Mountain Climbers X20
LBCs X30

Mosey Indian run around the track. The PAX in the back was to complete 1 burpee, then catch up to the group. We went around the track twice, in which everyone got two burpees in.

Motivators from 5 (Much better counting)

The ThangOctagon of Pain

YHC setup 8 cones in the shape of an Octagon, hence the name of the thang. The PAX received instructions that we would as a group make our way around the Octagon as many times as possible. To clear a cone, you would complete 8 Reps of an exercise, mosey to the middle of the Octagon and do Motivators (From 3) then mosey back to the cone and hold plank until all the PAX was ready to bear crawl to the next cone. Here were the exercises at each cone:

2-LBCs (4 Count)
3-Jump Squats
4-World War 2 Situps
5-Lunges (4 Count)
6-American Hammers (4-Count)
7-Outlaws (Make O’s with your feet together in flutter kick positon)
8- Burpees

YHC put on a slick 80’s themed playlist to pump up the PAX as we moved around to Octagon. During the Outlaws the second time around the Octagon, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) came on, which seemed very fitting for the exercise the PAX were doing. Gravy proclaimed that the PAX had to continue doing Outlaws until the song ended. No need for 6MoM after that.

The PAX made it around twice; then we ended at 6:15 with one last round of Motivators (From 8).

Count-o-Rama | Name-o-Rama


Drop it like it’s hot




Backblast #130: Run with Intermittent Pain

Date – 3/27/2019

AO – Calder Plaza Bunker

28 degrees

[0532 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 4 PAX] Bald Eagle, Hasselhof, Miss Daisy, Mad Cow, Gravy

Warm o rama:

10 Burpees

The Thang – Run with Intermittent Pain

PAX began with a run up Michigan Hill. Minor Mumblechatter. Made it 1.2 miles to the parking lot between Martha’s Vineyard / Nantucket.

15 Clerkins

20 Decline Merkins feet up against a wall

40 Incline Merkins Ranger Style

PAX then completed as many Merkins as possible in 2 minutes, and Mosey-ran to the Thursday AO for a brief sidewalk bear crawl. Run continued to Crescent Park stairs, followed by bear crawl down the stairs with 5 Merkins at each landing.

PAX ran back to Calder Plaza and finished with a plank

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama

QIC challenged each PAX to consider what challenge stood in his way today.

Backblast #129: REHAB VQ / 7 of Diamonds

AO – Stairway to Heaven

Environment – 22 F, no wind. Gloom Factor: Dark but clear sky with stars visible. Ass cold.

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 9 PAX] – Gravy, Snoop, Kraut, Bald Eagle, Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Soft Spot, Radio, Rehab (QIC)

PAX were given 2 words to keep in mind: 1) Form: keep core solid, maintain good posture throughout reps, injuries come when reps or speed are prioritized over form. 2) Breath: pay attention to breath during work out, inhale on exertion, exhale on release… remember that breath is life, it is Spirit, be attuned.


Arm Stretches- 20 Seconds, switch, repeat.

Toe Touches- 20 Seconds, R foot over L, hold, switch, repeat

Imperial Walkers- 20X – 2C

SSH - 20X - 2C

Mosey– jog around AO parking lot 1x, straight to Stairs up 1x and head down street to the park

The THANG: 7 of Diamonds

PAX were told to think in terms of 4’s (four corners of a diamond = for corners of the park and 4 muscle focus groups: arms, chest, abs, quads) and 7’s (reps would increase in multiples of 7 as we worked our way around the diamond).

First Corner: 7 batwings fwd, 7 batwings backwd; 7 merkins; 7 WWII situps; 7 squats

 PAX to count on their own and stay on corner working own medicine until the group was finished. Speed to next corner of the diamond varied between Mosey and Sprint. Once arriving at next corner, PAX to begin second set of reps at own pace... again waiting until the entire group finished before running to next corner.

Second Corner:  14 batwings fwd, 14 batwings backwd; 14 merkins; 14 WWII situps; 14 squats

(Run to next corner)

Third Corner:  21 batwings fwd, 21 batwings backwd; 21 merkins; 21 WWII situps; 21 squats

(Run to next corner)

Fourth Corner:  28 batwings fwd, 28 batwings backwd; 28 merkins; 28 WWII situps; 28 squats

(Run to starting corner)

First Corner Reprise: 7 batwings fwd, 7 batwings backwd; 7 merkins; 7 WWII situps; 7 squats

(PAX cut the Diamond in half by running through the park to Third Corner)

Third Corner Reprise (This time in cadence): 21 batwings fwd, 21 batwings backwd; 21 merkins; 21 WWII situps; 21 squats

(Retrace the field cut diamond back to First Corner)

First Corner Reprise II: 7 batwings fwd, 7 batwings backwd; 7 merkins; 7 WWII situps; 7 squats

Mosey- jog back to top of stairs, down and across to AO parking-lot.

Push Lap- 1 fast-paced lap around the parking lot

Cool-Down Lap- 1 slow jog around the parking lot

Circle Up for Post Routine Stretches- Different PAX gave 20 second counts for stretching each arm and each leg

Guided Spinal Elongation Yoga Stretch to wrap it up




Circle of Trust: PAX encouraged to find ways to practice vulnerability throughout our day. We are not impermeable, often don’t have our shit together and our masks don’t serve us well. Core relationships are enriched when we bring our vulnerability in the form of tenderness, gentleness and confession. The great irony is that this practice can grow our overall strength.    

Backblast #128 - scoville scale

SLACK pre-workout statement:

@channel - 23MAR2019 - JBZ @ 0700. Bring a coupon. HC to this thread

AO – John Ball Zoo

Environment - 31F with a 7 mph wind out of the WSW.

[0700 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 6 PAX] – Less, Miss DAISY, Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, BasicBro, Roid Rage (QIC)


  1. SSH - IC - 25X

  2. Stretch - straddle legs - right, left, center - 10 seconds/EA

  3. Cherry Pickers w/ back clap - IC - 15X

  4. Frankenstein - four parking spaces down and back - OYO

  5. SSH - IC - 25X

  6. Bell pepper lap - 1X - slow

  7. Merkins - alternating hands on coupon - OYO - 10X

  8. Jalapeno lap - 1X - medium

  9. Goblet Squat w/coupon - IC - 10X

  10. Ghost pepper lap - 1X - fast

  11. “This might have been a little aggressive” - overhead coupon carry over to the base of the hidden steps. If you need to stop - do 5 merkins and keep going


  1. Clean and press w/ coupon and torso twist - OYO - 10X each side.

  2. Coupon swing (aka kettle bell swing) - OYO - 10X - wash, rinse, repeat

  3. Mosey ruck up stairs w/ coupon on right shoulder

  4. 30 second plank at top of stairs on top of coupon

  5. Goblet squat w/coupon - IC - 10X

  6. Bear crawl up hill to picnic tables

  7. Dips - IC - 20X

  8. Dips - IC - 15X

  9. Dips - IC - 10X

  10. Dips - IC - 10X

  11. Bear Crawl (alternative - lunge) back to coupons

  12. Merkins - alternating hands on coupon - OYO - 10X - wash, rinse, repeat

  13. Mosey ruck down stairs w/coupon on right shoulder

  14. 30 second plank at bottom of stairs on coupon

  15. Squat to press w/coupon - IC - 20X

  16. Mosey ruck up stairs w/coupon on left shoulder

  17. Bent over rows w/coupon - OYO - 20X - wash, rinse, repeat

  18. Cold 45 (bicep curls) - IC - 45X

  19. Mosey ruck down stairs w/coupon on left shoulder

  20. Farmer carry coupon back to AO - alternating hands about the midway point


  1. Freddie Mercurys - IC - 20X

  2. Mosey lap - 1X


  • Not too much today - let’s keep it strong going into SPRING.

Backblast #127 Kraut's Uptown Beatdown

YHC has been leading a lot of brickers lately, so it seemed appropriate to do something different

AO - GRCC Track

Weather - 35F / 99% Humidity / Fog

[0530 - Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 7 PAX] – Basic Bro, Roid Rage, Bald Eagle, Rehab, Forrest, MAD COW, and Kraut (QIC)



15 Mountain Climbers IC

15 Cherry Pickers IC

The Thang

Mosey to GRPS Montessori

6 Mexican Jumping Bean Pull Ups

6 Pole Dancers

6 Mexican Jumping Bean Pull Ups

Mosey to Martha’s Vineyard

PAX paired off. YHC asked for a volunteer to demonstrate the newly created Dirk-Lift!

The Dirk-Lift: A combination of a Derkin and a Dead Lift. PAX 1 gets into the merkin position, then PAX 2 grabs his legs so he is in a wheelbarrow position. PAX 1 completes a derkin, then PAX 2 completes a dead lift holding PAX 1 legs. Repeat as directed by Q, switch positions and repeat.

3 x 6 each Dirk-Lifts

Mosey to Houseman Field

3 x 6 Dirk Lifts

Mosey to Houseman Field Playground

PAX divided into two groups. One group did 30 sec planks while the other did 30 sec dead hangs. Flap jack then repeat 3x

Mosey to Fountain/Union

PAX found the five sandbags that YHC left here earlier in the morning. Sandbags ranged from 25lbs to 45 lbs. YHC asked 5 of the PAX to farmer’s carry the sand bags back to the AO, while 2 of the PAX did 20 walking lunges the rotated into sandbag carrying.

Farmer’s Carry to MRPS Montessori

10x Mexican Jumping Bean Pull Ups

10x Hanging Leg Raises

Farmer’s Carry back to AO

Leader’s Message from the 3/20 Q Source:

DANCING IDIOT: The HIM who initiates a Movement by Influencing a First Follower.

FIRST FOLLOWER: The first man to join a Movement initiated by a Dancing Idiot.

MOVEMENT: Actions taken in furtherance of Purpose.

PURPOSE: An Outcome sought.

OUTCOME: What happens or fails to happen, whether good or bad.

See video below.

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama

Kraut - Out

Backblast #126 - DEATH STAR

Its been a long time since the PAX have been able to stretch their legs and run. Time to bring back - Wednesday morning - RUN CLUB.

Preblast via Slack 3/19/19

As Leia says to Han, "Alright you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerfherder," let's see those HC's. Your Wednesday morning run club will work to defeat the DEATH STAR [insert super cool music here]! #SYITG

AO – The Calder

The Death Star included over 3 miles, 100 merkins & 200 big boy sit-ups. Photo credit: Soft Spot

The Death Star included over 3 miles, 100 merkins & 200 big boy sit-ups. Photo credit: Soft Spot

Environment - 35 Degrees | Clear w/Full Moon | 64% Humidity

[0530 - Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 9 PAX] – Hasselhoff, Basic Bro, Soft Spot, Roid Rage, Bald Eagle, Miss Daisy, Forrest, Radio & MAD COW (QIC) 


Warm Up

10 SSH (IC)
10 Squats (IC)
10 Merkins (IC)
20 BBS (IC)

The Thang

Defeat the ‘DEATH STAR’
The death star as defined on the F3 Nation website is 10 stations (cones) with 30 merkins (300 total)…which sounds great - but in reality - is unobtainable by most of the F3 Grand Rapids PAX. So, YHC made an executive decision and changed the 30 merkins at each station to 10 merkins & 20 BBS. And instead of 10 cones in the shape of a star, we would run a 5K with 10 stops along the way.

In total, the PAX ran over 3 miles - pushed 100 merkins - and did 200 big boy sit-ups.

Not bad for a Wednesday morning ITG.

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


- March Madness Bracket should be filled out by tomorrow at 12 PM (noon)
- Kraut has Thursday’s Q

Its a pleasure,

BackBlast #125 - Hasselhoff’s Shameful Monkey Humpers

We all love coupons. My grandfather in-law even loves coupons. He especially loves using coupons at the Arnie’s off of Leonard (I could see Basic Bro here when he’s 90, bitchin’ about $1 - you had to be there). You literally get a monetary gain by using a coupon and all you have to do is go through that effort of doing a little searching here and there with a little cutting (or electronically loading it on your phone). That’s all we needed this morning - that extra effort/weight to help maximize the physical value of the workout. BOOM! KEEP IT UP!

AO – Stairway to Heaven

Environment - 28Fish degrees with no wind.

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 10 PAX] – Forrest, Hasselhoff, BasicBro, Snoop, Kraut, Bald Eagle, Mad Cow, Radio, Dapends, Roid Rage (QIC)


0520-0528 - Roid Rage led slow laps around the AO to warm-up

SSH - 30X - IC

Toe - Touches - 20 seconds - OYO (bend knees slightly, tuck chin down, and hit the toes with the fingers - should feel stretch in back of legs and lower back)

Cherry Pickers with a back clap - 15X - IC

SSH - 15X - IC

Goblet Squats - 10X - IC - with coupon


Mosey ruck with coupon across street to the stairway to heaven.

Coupon ruck - right shoulder - all the way up - plank at top

Merkins - 20X - OYO (alternate left and right hand on coupon - opposite hand is on ground in order to get that difference in height)

Coupon ruck - right shoulder - all the way down - plank at bottom

Coupon ruck - left shoulder - all the way up - plank at top

Monkey Humpers - 10X - IC

Goblet Squats - 10X - IC - with coupon

Mosey over to coit park - plank midway with 20 second hold to allow PAX to regroup. Continue mosey to monkey bars for some up pulls.

Cindy - 10 minutes - OYO - alternate through 5 pulls ups, 15 squats, and 10 merkins. Separate out to start and keep moving men.

Mosey back to the top of the stairs and grab coupon

Blockees - 10X - OYO

Coupon ruck - left shoulder - all the way down - keep going back to the AO



Hasselhoff’s Shameful Monkey Humpers - 24X - IC - same as the monkey humper, but with a verbal “shame!” added at the climax of the monkey humper (i.e. when your sphincter is in close proximity to the surface below it). Perfect for Qs who bail last minute on any scheduled workout or black ops. #accountabilitybitches

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  • Mad Cow has the Q tomorrowwwwwwwww

  • April QIC sign ups are live