BackBlast #042 – Facemelter: The story of Sandbags, Coupons & Stairs

Its been awhile since YHC has Q’d at ‘The Stairway to Heaven’. I was so excited I could barely sleep. Just ready to throw weeks of thinking about a workout at the PAX. The workout lived up to its name.

The story of sandbags, coupons & stairs

AO – The Stairway To Heaven
Beautiful | 42 degrees | 79% humidity

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 10 PAX] – Dungeon Master, Forest, Stalin, Bald Eagle, Roid Rage, Basic Bro, Dapends, Tiny Tomato, Little Bro, MAD COW (QIC)


20 SSH (IC)
20 WWI Situp (IC)
20 SSH (IC)
20 Mountain Climbers (IC)
20 Merkins (IC)
20 SSH (IC)
Capri Lap
20 SSH (IC)

The Thang:

PAX counted off forming three groups for:

Weighted Relay Races:

– 5 merkins with sandbag (40 pd) on back
– Plank as you wait
– 5 burpee penalty if the bag hits the ground
– Race continues until each PAX has done a total of 20 merkins

Not 1 PAX dropped a sandbag. No worries, 5 burpees anyway.

10 Weighted Copperhead Squats (IC) X3

– Pax circled up, raised coupons above their head
– Slow, deep squat on a four count

Q note: The PAX did the copperhead squats until the Q’s legs were burning. This was all a set-up for the next exercise.

Mosey to the ‘Stairway to Heaven’…A set of 95 stairs that go straight up – brutal.

ALL YOU GOT (AYG) sprints w/tag up ‘The Stairway to Heaven’

– PAX were instructed to line up Sugar Ray (fast) to Clydesdale (slow)
– PAX 1 was given a head start to sprint to the beginning of the stairs and start to climb
– PAX 2 then raced to the stairs to try to catch PAX 1
– PAX 3 starts when PAX 2 reaches the stairs, etc…
– Don’t stop when you reach the top…continue to run for 1 block and touch the yield sign on the corner.

If you failed to tag the PAX ahead of you, 5 merkins. If you get tagged, 5 burpees.

Q note: This was a real facemelter. I counted at least 3 highly conditioned PAX looking to splash merlot. Ultimately, I don’t believe anyone did, but it was touch and go for awhile.

Mosey back to AO.

Mother of Mary

Guantanamo X2
Hands of Time

Q note: As the PAX recovered from the ass kicking. YHC read a portion of the weekly Q source: TEAM Development (Q4.6). For the full article, follow the link below:

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


– Roid Rage, Basic Bro and Forrest all passed huge milestone tests this past week, congrats!
– Little Bro has the Q on Thursday
– Welcome back Tiny Tomato!

Now, that was a F3 workout,