BackBlast #41 – Miles & Smiles

After having a solid week of having 2 VQ’s step up to the plate, YHC Bald Eagle jumped back in the game to Q a Saturday morning.

Pax: Mad Cow, Miss Daisy, Bubblegum, Dungeon Master, Hasselhof, Depends, Basic Bro, QIC Bald Eagle.

The pre-blast indicated the name of the workout would be Miles & Smiles, although for many of us Clydesdales the smiles tend to come after the smiles. The pax gathered at 0700.


SSH – 25x
SSH – 25x
Plank Jacks – 25x
Mountain Climbers – 25x

The Thang:

Bataan Death March – 5 Merkins & Sprint to the front. Partner Exercise.

Headed off the ranch to Kent Trails. The pax paired up with a fellow pax who runs at roughly the same pace so no pax would be left behind. At each bench along the way, all pax completed 10 dips, 10 derkins, and 10 squats. We traveled to the old railroad bridge (roughly 2 miles away). While there, the pax completed 20 lunges across the bridge and bear crawled back.

After all the pax had met at the bridge, they turned and headed back toward the AO. We completed the last mile together at a conversational pace (for most of us) to give some space for mumblechatter. The pax arrived smiling at the shovel flag as the 0800 bell was ringing.

The pax traveled 4.5 miles and left ready to conquer the day.



  • Tclaps to Gravy for completing the Grand Rapids 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

  • Tclaps to both Roid Rage and Basic Bro for completing certification tests last week in the fields of drugs (pharmacy manufacturing) & alcohol (cicerone).