BackBlast #040 – Side Circle Hops

The pax gathered early for an unseasonably warm stair beatdown – all pax had assembled prior to 0525 which is a relatively uncommon occurrence for our growing brood of pax. Prompted by 15 penalty burpees for Depends for a HC no-show last week, the pax had ample time for mumblechatter about if it’s better to HC and not show or just not HC and show up anyway. From a Q’s perspective, HC-ing is definitely helpful and remains fully encouraged.

After a couple days of being able to do the count-o-rama on one hand, we were back up to 9 pax present – closer to the 10 pax/workout we averaged in September.

Pax: Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Hasselhof, DM, Stalin, Tiny Tommmato, Radio, Depends, (QIC) Bald Eagle. 


Jog around the parking lot. 
15 Side Circle Hops – aka Drunk SSH’s. SSH’s done while the pax shuffle laterally in a circle which tends to make the world spin. (Flapjack to make the world spin the other way)
 15 Finkle Swings (Flapjack)
15 Arm Circles (Forward/Backward)

The Thang: 

YHC placed 3 cones in a triangle roughly 25 yards apart. The pax broke up into 3 sets of 3 and completed deconstructed burpees. The first cone was 10 Merkins, second cone 10 Bobby Hurley’s, third cone 10 Thrusters. Bear Crawl to next cone. 

Repeato with sets of 8 – lunging between cones. 

Repeato with sets of 6 – backwards run between cones. 

Repeato with sets of 4 – carioca between cones. 

Repeato with sets of 2 – inchworm between cones. 

Breaking into smaller groups and doing lower reps helps keep exercise form proper. 


Follow me to the stairs, only we kept running about 50 yards past to the bridge. After holding a wall-sit waiting for all pax to arrive, the pax were released 1 at a time to sprint to stairs and complete 5 row-pull-ups at the first and last landing of the stairs, followed by a run to the nearest intersection at the top. 

The pax then returned to the base of the stairs where the next exercise was to sideways climb up the stairs with feet on the edges of the stairs and hands on the center of the rail. Poison Ivy and Tetanus may be in some pax’s future… 

The time was 0608, so the YHC gave the pax the option of runnng as far down the stairs as they wanted to run back up knowing it was the last exercise. As soon as that directive was given the pax all took off toward the bottom of the stairs to knock out 145 steps to finish the workout strong.

The pax moseyed back to the shovel flag where leg lifts were held for a complete circle count, followed by Good Mornings – aka Reverse Stalin Planks. 



Radio is working to set up a 2F Griffins game soon.  Info to come on Slack.