Backblast #054 – Riverside Park (Black Ops?)

Posting on a Wednesday was started as a ‘black ops’ for some Halloween fun. Three weeks later, the ‘exception’ has become permanent – with an always rotating AO.

AO – Riverside Park
Brisk | 25 degrees | 66% humidity

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 4 PAX] – Dapends, Basic Bro, Bubblegum, MAD COW (QIC)


25 SSH (IC)
10 Cherry Pickers (IC)
2-3 other various stretches

The Thang:

PAX went on a 3.45 mile (total) run on the Riverside Park trail. Great conversation and the spotting of a ‘ghost’ ensued. The ghost turned out to be a dude, but Basic Bro was scared either way.

Cool down consisted of a couple of stretches.

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


– Dapends has the Q Thursday
– Date has been set for a Griffin’s Game – November 30

Is that a ghost,