BackBlast #057 – Slaughter Starter

Going into this morning’s beat down, the HC thread count was at 24 replies; promising a strong showing of men ready to take the DRP (daily red pill).

AO – Stairway to Heaven (i.e. the steps on division)

Light Snow | 25 degrees | 66% humidity

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 16 PAX] – Bubblegum, MAD COW, Snoop, Kraut, Basic Bro, Gravy, Bald Eagle, Roid Rage (QIC), Hasselhoff, Stalingrad, Dungeon Master, Tiny Tom, Dapends, Forrest, Candy Stripper, Rehab (FNG!)


Slaughter Starter – OYO – 20X burpees AO Capri Laps – 2X Tappy Taps – IC (Tap-py-tap) – 15X Side-Straddle Hops – IC – 30X Absolution – IC – 15X

The absolution, an 8 count core routine, let to plenty of mumble chatter. I believe Tiny Tom stated that there was no way he was going to get the count down. I think after 10X, he got the picture!

The Thang:

Brick-by-Brick Shuttle run (i.e. – Burpee Big Boy Sit-ups)

PAX number off 1s&2s and form two lines 10 yards apart (3 parking spaces at today’s AO). First PAX from Group 1 does the shuttle run by picking up a brick at the other groups line, returns brick to his line, then retrieves the second brick, then returns brick to his starting spot. Remaining PAX are meanwhile in plank position or crab hold awaiting their turn and rotate between the two positions. After PAX completes the shuttle run, he proceeds to perform: R1: 15 Burpees, then falls in line in either plank or crab hold R2: 15 BBs, falls in line R3: 10 Burpees, fall in line R4: 10 BBs, fall in line R5: 5 Burpees, fall in line R6: 5 BBs, fall in line.

Note: we had 16 PAX, so Bald Eagle pulled a power move and instructed us to split up into 4 total groups. It was the right thing to do.

Absolution – IC – 10X

Tempo Merkin – IC – 3, 2,1 – UP – 20X

Yeah, these killed. Hit em hard, hit em often.

Burpback Mountain

The PAX moseyed over to the stairway to heaven, ran all the way up as hard as possible, and partnered up at the top. One partner did AMRAP burpees while the other partner ran back down the steps and then back up. Flapjack. The partners who had just ran back up the hill were struggling with the AMRAP burpees. YHC and the QIC didn’t even squeeze 10 out – completely gone.

– Mosey back down to the flags at the main AO.


X-Factor – IC – 20X

PAX on their 6, make in X with arms and legs, left hand meets right shin half way up, alternate to right hand meeting left shin halfway up. Essentially the V-UP.


-Stalingrad has the Q on Thursday @ 0530 @ the GRCC Track/Hospital Hill -Looking to finalize the Griffins tickets on Nov. 30th by Radio



Q1/GET RIGHT: the pursuit of proper personal alignment – Q2/LIVE RIGHT: the dedication to Purposefulness – Q3/LEAD RIGHT: the practice of Virtuous Leadership – Q4/LEAVE RIGHT: the construction of Legacy

Rage of Roids – Out