Backblast #048 – Don’t Drop the Ball

The leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping – November is now upon us and winter is creeping in.

The Pax: Dixie Chick (DR from Cherokee), Depends, Roid Rage, Mad Cow, Miss Daisy, Stalin, Dungeon Master, Gravy, QIC Bald Eagle.


20 SSH
15 Abe Vigoda’s
20 Side Shuffle Hops
Circle Merks – Pax Complete an exercise (listed below) while each pax rotate around the circle completing 5 merkins.
– Hold Squat
– High Knees
– Hold Plank


YHC brought an overinflated and slippery football to the beatdown, and gave the ground rule that pax could take no more than 10 strides with it before passing it to another pax, and if it hit the ground the group penalty was 5 burpees per drop. As if the slippery & overinflated ball wasn’t enough, the sun wasn’t scheduled up for another hour. Approximately 30 burpees were completed during the short mosey to the hidden stairs.

YHC had some twists planned for the stairs, but after seeing the condition of the stairs and level of darkness present, he audibled to a straight stair spring up the 100+ stairs.

After summitting the stairs, the pax dropped 3 more passes, 1 may or may not have been intentionally, to complete 15 more burpees prior to reaching the top of the hill.

At the top of the hill, instructions were given for the next exercise – the Heartbreaker 1, 2, 3 – an evil sister of Dora. The pax ran 100 yds down the hill, and back up 50 yards before shouting for their partner to begin running down the 100 yds, and back up the 50. Repeato until complete.

100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBC’s

The pax planked at the bottom of the hill when completed.

What goes down must come up. The next exercise was 100 yard sprints up, followed by 50 yards moseys down and 10 merkins at that point. The pax completed this in 3 groups, each group beginning when the first group of pax made it to the peak of their sprint. The pax repeated this approximately 7 times en route to the peak of the hill.

For the mosey back to the flag, the ground rules for dropping the football were updated to include 5 extra Mary exercises of the Q’s choosing. The pax had 8 incompletes/drops on the way back, for an extra 40 penalty reps.

The pax arrived back at the flag to the sound of the ‘5 minute to Mass’ bell ringing at the church across the street – the perfect amount of time for some Mary. Dr. W’s were the first up – 8 reps followed by 5 reps. The pax then completed their 40 penalty LBC’s just in time for the 8 o’clock to chime.


  • Turkey Trot 5k coming up

  • Griffins Game – awaiting scheduling date

  • Q-sign-ups live for November

  • Thanks to Dixie Chick for joining us from F3 Cherokee

  • Vote on Tuesday – workout time will be 0515-0600

Bald Eagle out