Bullwinkle’s Bridge Beatdown

AO – Calder Plaza

26 degrees | 82% humidity.

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 10 PAX] – Bald Eagle, BasicBro, Roid Rage, Forest, Radio , Snoop, Mad Cow, Bubblegum, Hans, Bullwinkle (VQ)


Out-and-backs from the sculpture to end of the courtyard by way of several mosey variations:

Forward – reverse – side shuffle – carioca. 4 total trips were performed as PAX filtered in

The Thang:

Quarter mile mosey to the first of two pedestrian bridges featured in this beat down

PAX formed 2 lines face-to-face, down in plank position,  allowing 2-3 feet between each. Last man box-jumps over the planking PAX to the head of the line, Indian Run style. Continued cycling through over a Q-prescribed distance or until toasted.  In this case, YHC was going to monitor the time, and the group, and make a determination of distance after the start.   Indeed, about 1/3 of the way across bridge #1, PAX was suffering quite a bit.  Planks were turning into sags, and much mumblechatter ensued.  YHC decided to offer up a temporary, yet twisted, sense of reprieve by way of:

Lieutenant Dans
A Squat and 2 Single-leg walking Lunge combination in ascending rep counts of each, usually up to 10. From Forrest Gump, Lt. Dan “ain’t got no legs.”  In this case, we made it to 5 squats / 10 lunges.  PAX was reminded that a squat is not a squat until the butt moves LOWER than the knees.  Not near enough to beat down the legs, yet just enough to recharge the abdominals for the last 1/3 bridge length of Caterpillar.  PAX held strong, and were eagerly eyeing the end line until all PAX from each team passed the red brick on the other side.  Passersby felt enormous pity for the PAX

Mosey 1/2 mile (ish) to the blue bridge

The ‘Bekah Leigh Relay
In honor of YHC’s daughter Rebakah’s 14th birthday today, the workout was designed around her birth date of 12/12/04.   PAX paired off at one end of the bridge.  One man was to run with AYG effort to other side of bridge while partner stays behind to perform 12 merkins, 12 squats, and 4 burpees as fast as he can, repeatedly, until his partner returns.  The runner, once reaching the other side of bridge was to drop and do ONE set of 12/12/4, and then run with AYG effort back across to “relieve” partner.  Repeated until the time clock dictated our return back to Calder

Mosey back to Calder


While YHC was delivering a tribute honoring THE BRIDGE in all of it’s symbolic beauty,  PAX was to hold a plank.  Upon hearing the word BRIDGE or BRIDGES during the tribute, PAX was to perform a one-touch in-and-out knee jack to elbows back to plank.  “Bridge” was uttered needlessly often throughout YHC’s tribute

“The bridge is an amazing thing.  In addition to its architectural and structural beauty, the bridge represents countless life parallels and lessons. 

A bridge connotes solution, resolution.  A bridge is strong in it’s unification.   A bridge is built to withstand storms and erosion – sure, the bridge might sway with the winds, but with proper maintenance and inspection the bridge will not break.  Bridges are not arrogant, but welcoming and understanding of both sides (shores) equally.  Bridges are aware!  Bridges acknowledge and accept that dangers are still present, for they cannot be built well if they do not understand the dangers lurking beneath.

Bridges are all around us.  F3 is a bridge connecting men to the 3 F’s,  but more than that, to leadership, submission, and hard work.   For believers,  the cornerstone of our faith views Jesus is a bridge to salvation for all people who accept and believe.  

Bridges contrast with walls, which isolate and divide.

I challenge you this week to identify the walls in your life, where a bridge would make things better.  Also reflect on your bridges – what kind of maintenance, attention and repair do they need in order to withstand life’s inevitable storms?  Spend some time on bridges this week

Oh and one more thing.  Heed the warning:   “bridge ices before road”



  • Bald Eagle is moving on Saturday, and is seeking strong backs to assist

  • Wednesday Black Ops will now be held as a regular AO at Calder Plaza

YHC,  Bullwinkle