Backblast #071 – Running with Forrest

30 degrees 72% humidity 


Core principles recited, disclaimer proclaimed.

Pax: Bald Eagle, Bullwinkle, Mad Cow, Snoop, Dungeon Master, Roid Rage, Miss Daisy, Bubble Gum, Hasselhof, Basic Bro, Hollow Point, QIC Forrest. 



Merkins up down count  10

Reverse squats with toe taps 10

Ankle Biters – 1 minute AMRAP

The Thang

Battan Death March – Indian Run with each pax completing the following exercises when they are the 6:

1st – Merkins 5

2nd – Squats 5

3rd – Burpees 5 

Repeato until destination (just over 1.5 miles each way)

Mosey back to AO. To keep pax together the pax planked & AMRAP merkined it out. After that the pax shifted from the mosey to the Indian Run.

Arrived back to AO for:

SSH – 19
Merkins – 10 IC
LBC’s – 20



Circle of Trust:

DM having some tests done, prayers appreciated.

– Forrest Out