Backblast #073 – Coupon Challenge

PAX at the regular Wednesday AO - Calder Plaza.

PAX at the regular Wednesday AO – Calder Plaza.

Joined the PAX ready to go for the 5:30 beat-down.  After a quick greeting we jumped right into it.

AO – Calder Plaza

30 degrees | 75% humidity

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 7 PAX] – Ms. Daisy, Basic Bro, Bald Eagle, Mad Cow, Snoop, Hasselhoff, Bubblegum (QIC)


20 SSH (IC)

Followed the Q for quick feet on the steps in a weave along the plaza. When we reached the end we circled back up.

20 SSH (IC)

The Thang:

We grabbed our coupons and went for a mosey. We reached the corner of Ottawa and Lyon.

3 blockies performed before we teamed up. 3 PAX carried two coupons as their partner lunge walked. Halfway to Monroe, PAX held Squat until the rest caught up and switched for the rest of the way.

The PAX – each with a coupon – took a mosey to the rivers edge to perform the next set.

Flora 1.2.3 – Flora is Dora’s lazy, mean stepsister. All PAX partner up and grabbed a coupon. 100 Merkins – P1 does 10 with feet on the coupon. P2 holds plank with feet on his coupon. Flapjack. 200 LBCs – P1 does 20 LBC holding coupon high on chest. P2 holds legs 6” off ground and extends arms with coupon over chest. Flapjack. 300 Goblet Squats – P1 does 25 goblet squats. P2 lowers to bottom of goblet squat with coupon and holds. Flapjack.

After a little demonstration some mumble chatter started, and the PAX got ready.  PAX did great moving and encouraging others.

We had enough time for a bear crawl with a coupon.

We went to the bottom of the steps and bear crawled the steps lifting the coupon to each. Then the PAX picked up the coupon and mosey back to the AO.

At the AO we took a capri lap for the cool down and finished the thang with 10 SSH (IC).

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama | COT


  • Hasselhoff is collecting donations. Please keep Mens and Womens separate.

  • Q sign ups for January are available.

  • Holiday Party is the 5th

Bubblegum Out!