Backblast #074 – Party Time!!!

It has been a long a stressful holiday season, so YHC decided to organize a morning party in the gloom for the PAX to blow off some steam.  Being the gracious host that I am, I ensured that we had dates for the party and as a group we had to go pick them up in various areas throughout the GRCC campus.

AO – Hospital Hill

41 degrees | No precipitation

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 13 PAX] – Kraut, Snoop, Dungeon Master, Forrest, Basic Bro, Bald Eagle, Mad Cow, Rehab, Roid Rage, Forrest, Stalin, Miss Daisy, Hasselhoff (QIC)


15 SSH (IC)

The Thang:

We ran to 3 different locations throughout the GRCC campus to pick up our “dates” which were small circuit exercises spelling a female name, or an actual exercise with a female name. 

Library steps:

               (S) SSH (AMRAP)

               (U) Up/downs, AKA Merkins (20)

               (E) Elevated alternating shoulder taps (AMRAP

Lower parking level:

               DORA 111, with exercises as Merkins, LBC and Squats

Cafeteria courtyard:

               (M) Merkins with Peter Parker (20)

               (O) Overhead claps (AMRAP)

               (E) Elevated lunges (AMRAP)


Flutter kicks (15 IC)
Dolly (15 IC)
LBC (15 IC)
High Dolly (15 IC)
BBS (15 IC)
Butterflies (15 IC) a combination of Dolly and High Dolly

Cool down lap around the track in memory of Digits (FIA SC member) who passed during a work out.

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


Earlier this week a FIA in Lexington SC (Digits) was killed during a FIA work out after being hit by a car.  We talked about safety while running in the streets including: wearing reflective gear, run into traffic, being aware of your surroundings and the surroundings of others and frequent communication if running in the streets.  We also discussed that there is a solid base of communication and to continue doing so when running in the community/streets. 


  • Kraut has VQ on Saturday

  • Roid Rage and Bubblegum have Co-Q on 12/24/18 (running and some exercises)

  • DM’s MRI came back negative, and is being referred to a neurologist

  • Stalin is having a friend move in with him soon and will possibly be a FNG

  • Hasselhoff has the Q on 12/26/18

Keep it real,