BackBlast #076 – 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas Eve special. Co-Q with my buddy Bubblegum. We basically destroyed ourselves and the suckas that did it with us. Also, the Goofball warm-up was difficult to do in cadence.

AO – Stairs on Division

Environment – Dark, light breeze – 11 mph out of the West | 32 degrees F

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 6 PAX] – DM, Gravy, Little Brother, Forest, Bubblegum (Co-QIC), Roid Rage (Co-QIC)

Lexicon of the day


A Workout that is not regularly scheduled. Abbr: OTB


Stairs Mosey – 2X up, 2X down – leg stretches in between – back to A)

Goofball (20X – IC, basically pretend running up a ladder – “standing mountain climber”), febreeze (2:10, 4:20, 6: 30, 8:40. 10:50 – OYO), and side straddle hops (30X – IC)

THE THANG – 12 Days of Christmas – yes, just like the song

  1. 1 – Deep Squat – OYO

  2. 2 – Walking Lunges (2 each leg) – OYO

  3. 3 – Hand Release Merkins – OYO

  4. Bear Crawl – 4 crawls forwards, 4 crawls backwards – OYO

  5. 5 – Jump Squats – OYO

  6. 6 – Dr. W –  IC

  7. 7 – Alternating Shoulder Taps – IC

  8. 8 – Body Builders – IC (8 count Burpee, with a plank-jack added. (1) Squat down, (2) legs out, (3) down part of Merkin, (4) up part of Merkin, (5) out part of plank-jack, (6) in part of plank-jack, (7) feet to hands, and (8) stand up.)

  9. 9 – Boat/Canoe – IC (1 boat + 1 canoe = 1 rep)

  10. 10 x 10m shuttles (100m total running) – OYO (3 parking spaces wide, count when you arrive back to starting spot)

  11. 11 – Burpees – OYO – nothing fancy

  12. 12 – Angle Grinder – IC -start in plank. 1. Touch knee opposite knee 2. Return to plank 3. Down Merkin 4. Up Merkin 5. Touch opposite knee 6. Return To Plank 7. Down Merkin 8. Up Merkin

So, basically you do the first exercise, then the second exercise, followed by the first exercise again. Then you do the third exercise, the second exercise again, and then the first exercise. Get it???? It’s just like the song!


Four Quadrants of preparedness:

Q1/GET RIGHT: the pursuit of proper personal alignment – Q2/LIVE RIGHT: the dedication to Purposefulness – Q3/LEAD RIGHT: the practice of Virtuous Leadership 0 Q4/LEAVE RIGHT: the construction of Legacy

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. “

Margaret Mead


More than anything else, having a sense of purpose keeps a person going in the midst of adversity.

Identifying your mountain, your purpose in life, so that the work you do is meaningful.

Are you of the people in every day life who are basically climbing the wrong mountain.

People who have spent 20 years or more of their lives doing something that has no deep purpose for them. Suddenly they look back and go,

What have I been doing?

If you are a purpose-driven person naturally, then you probably already possess an innate sense of direction that helps you overcome adversity.

But if you’re not, then you may need some help.

•Get next to people who possess great desire.

•Develop discontent with the status quo.

• Search for a goal that excites you.

• Put your most vital possessions into that goal.

Visualize yourself enjoying the rewards of that goal.

If you follow this strategy, you may not immediately find your ultimate purpose, but you will at least start moving in that direction.

As Abraham Lincoln said,

“Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing.”



  • This workout took approximately 70 minutes, so I told the men I love them, Merry Christmas, and then we got the hell out of there.

Rage of Roids – OUT