Backblast #078 – Classic Beatdown

AO – Hospital Hill

36 degrees | 89% humidity | wind 8 mph East

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 7 PAX] – Kraut, Snoop, Stalin, Gravy, Rehab, Forrest, Tiny TOMato, Bubblegum (QIC)


25 SSH (IC)
25 Cherry Pickers w/ Back Clap (IC)
25  Goofball (IC)

We had a PAX member show up during Goofballs. So YHC decided to add another round of SSH to help with a quick warm up.

25 SSH (IC)


Mozy to GRCC campus.  We left the track and headed towards the Bostwick commons. This was going to be the starting point at the bottom of the parking ramp.  GRCC has a large parking ramp in the center of the campus. The 6 story structure will be part of the classic beating of the whole body, upper, lower, and core. A trifecta of circuits to be performed as a Power tower circuit.   

The PAX started at a sitting area with Aiken legs. We completed a full set of 20 each before we ventured up a few flights of stairs. We regrouped for a Hurricane Hoedown Ladder. Starting off at 7 each the PAX went to work on their core. YHC then lead the men up a few more flights of steps to Worst Worst Merkin ever. After a quick demonstration and a reminder from Tiny TOMato about form we set off and completed 10. There were some mubble chatter with this exercise. YHC introduced the PAX to the Worst Merkin ever last time and wanted to continue with a new challenge. We ventured to the center of the ramp and went up another flight of stairs to the top. At the top we completed more Hurricane Hoedown ladders and Worst Worst Merkins Ever.  Keeping an eye on the time YHC wanted to hit the legs again. We took the stairway all 6 levels down, back to the sitting area in the commons, for more Aiken Legs. We did opt to modify the box jumps to squat jumps. The surfaces used for the box jumps were a bit slick.  

Working IC on this we moved through with time starting catch up. The PAX needed to head back to the AO for the COT and finish on time. On the way back we took a break for the 6 and felt it was a good spot to complete more Hurricane Hoedowns.  By this time the PAX was transitioning faster through this Hoedown. The PAX took to a mozy and stopped at the GRCC library to finish up the Aiken Legs and Worst Worst Merkins Ever. Tiny TOMato lead us from the library to the AO. As we approached Stalin finished strong and passed the PAX and reached the AO first. We had time for one more and  we needed to finish our Hurricane Hoedown ladder.

The PAX lined up and finished the classic beatdown with 1 each. 

Aiken Legs (Set of 20,10,10)

    Done in succession with no rest- 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges (10 each leg), 20 Split Jacks (10 each leg forward). Rinse and Repeated as many times as you can.

Hurricane Hoedown (ladder)

    (Flutter Kick circuit performed in Cadence: 7 IC seated flutter kicks with hands raised in hallelujahs. Move immediately to hands behind you. 7 IC slightly reclined flutterkicks. Move immediately to 7 IC normal flutter kicks. Move immediately to 7 IC LBFC flutter kicks – Rinse and repeat as needed. The real crowd pleaser is to work your way down the cadence ladder7,6,5…)

Worst Worst Merkin Ever (Set of 10,5,3)

   That’s right, it can ALWAYS be worse! Done in cadence, Start out with a Crucible Merkin on 1, a Werkin on 2, a regular Merkin on 3, and a Diamond Merkin on 4. Ten of these and you’ll agree it’s the worse of the worst.

Count-o-Rama | Name-o-Rama



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