Backblast #063 – Roid Rage’s Ladder

Some of us were coming off a late night of hockey madness in which the adult beverages were 2$ a pop at the arena, so dehydration might have played a factor in this one. Nonetheless, I was not going to hold back on the PAX. This Saturday morning was a guaranteed beat down in the gloom with some much needed coupons.

AO – John Ball Park Zoo

Environment – Grey, light breeze – 15 mph | 30.2 degrees F | 93% humidity

[0700 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 12 PAX] – Bald Eagle, MAD COW, Snoop, Kraut, Basic Bro, Roid Rage (QIC), Hasselhoff, Stalingrad, Dapends, Bubblegum, Candy Stripper, Bullwinkle (FNG!)

Lexicon of the day


The potted plant next to the elliptical trainer to which a Sad Clown talks during his solo gym workout. Also, generally, a pay-to-play gym.


A Workout so tough it leaves the PAX standing there looking backward half-unconscious from the Pain.


Capri Laps – 1X

Tappy Taps – IC (Tap-py-tap) – 20X

Side-Straddle hops – IC – 25X

Absolution – IC – 10X

Tempo Merkin (on coupon) – IC – 3, 2,1 – UP – 20X


Moseyed with the rucks (coupons) over to the big hill with the private drive. You know the one. About the 1/3 point the PAX circled up and completed 10X tempo merkins to keep the energy up.

Roid Rage’s Ladder – Run up the hill (with coupon), with an increasing number of “Jumpin Jack Burpee Flash” at the middle and top of each trip up. (6, 8, 10, etc.). All hold in plank, with coupon, until PAX complete.

Jumpin Jack Burpee Flash

Start with jumpin jacks(Side Straddle Hops) then quickly follow with burpees. AMRAP.

The one and only Bubblegum decided to finally show up! Way to still make it, although I’m considering a penalty of some sort on Tuesday.

Sprintstop of the hill after the ladder workout. Lined up in two lines and did 5X short sprints. Unfortunately, Dapends pulled up with a leg injury at 3X, so the PAX moseyed down the hidden steps while Bald Eagle and the FNG (not yet named at this time) soldier carried Dapends down the hidden steps. Shout out to the men who carried the 3 extra coupons!


-Freddie Mercury – 20X – IC


Went over some of the excerpts from the Q-Source – Shield Lock – check it out!


  • Tuesday, December 4th – Basic Bro is our QIC

  • Friday, December 7th – birthday get together at Bald Eagle and M.

That’s a wrap from your Magnet Man.

Rage of Roids – OUT