Backblast #067 – Welcome to the Field of Dreams

The previous day, Friday night, Bald Eagle and his M held a birthday / house warming party at his new place. I knew that getting the PAX up and moving on this Saturday morning was going to be a chore…but I called a RULE #76 – no excuses, play like a champ! And we were off to visit the Field of Dreams.

The PAX learned a new exercise called the “James Bond”

The PAX learned a new exercise called the “James Bond”

AO – The Zoo

Chilly | 23 degrees | Felt Like – 19 degrees | 74% humidity

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 11 PAX] – Bubblegum, Little Bro, Stalin, Forrest, Basic Bro, Bullwinkle, Miss Daisy, Hasselhoff, Bald Eagle, Radio, MAD COW (QIC)


Various Stretching
Capri Lap

Global Warming – PAX in circle of pain. Hold Al Gore while slowly shuffling in a circle. Q shouts out exercise and amount. PAX recover and continue Al Gore shuffle in opposite direction. Rinse, repeat, and continue until Q is smoked.

Global Warming
20 SSH (IC)
Global Warming
10 Squats (IC)
Global Warming
10 Copperhead Squats (IC)
Global Warming
10 Bobby Hurleys (IC)
Global Warming
20 SSH (IC)
10 Merkins (IC)
10 Werkins (IC)
10 Ranger Merkins (IC)
Global Warming
20 SSH (IC)
10 BBS (IC)
10 LBC (IC)
10 WWII (IC)
Global Warming

The Thang:

Field of Dreams– Created on a baseball diamond, but can in a field with cones. Start out by counting off by fours. 1’s start at First Base (1st cone) do AMRAP Squats until relieved. 2’s at Second Base (2nd cone) do AMRAP Mercans until relieved. 3’s at Third Base (3rd cone) do AMRAP LBC’s until relieved. 4’s at Home Plate (4th cone) will perform 15 Burpees then run to First, relieving the Pax there. Continue until all Pax have done the Burpees.

Q Note: Instead of running between the cones, YHC decided it would be better to F3 this exercise UP by having the PAX carry a partner on their back.

Everyone knows that the sequel sucks more than the original right? In this case, the sequel definitely didn’t disappoint!

The Cooper – 1 lap around track (field of dreams). 10 burpees, 10 Squats, then 10 Merkins. Lap around track. Then 9,9, 9 of same. Count down to 1. Gets pretty brutal when you get to around 5.

Q note: As stated, the longer that this exercise continued, the more obvious that it was taking its toll on the PAX. So, the Bobby Hurley’s were substituted for the burpees around the 7 or 6 pass.


James Bond – On your 6 in seated row position (leaning back with legs about 10 inches off the ground) hold your hands in front of you like your holding a gun. Hold for 10 count and then slowly point your finger gun to the right for 10 count…then left. Rinse and repeat until smoked.

YHC then asked – Anyone want more? Bubblegum asked immediately “YES”. Ok, Bubblegum please pick and lead the next exercise. What was it to be?? Of course:

Febreeze – On your six, do 2 Big Boy Situps. Remain upright after last BB and lift feet up 6″. Do 10 Air Presses. Back down for 4 BB followed by 20 Air Presses with legs held 6″. Repeat using increments of 2:10 ratio. (2:10, 4:20, 6:30, 8:40, 10:50, etc…)

YHC read the following passage from the 12/7 daily Q Source:

We must see things how they are instead of how we hope, wish or expect them to be. You may not be there yet. But you’re closer than yesterday. Always remember: you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. When you fail, and fail, and fail again – and keep getting back up on your feet and keep learning from your failures – you are building strength, tenacity, experience and wisdom. And people who develop such qualities are capable of sustaining their success.

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


  • Prayers for Forrest as he can struggle throughout the holiday.

  • Bubblegum has the Q on Tuesday


  • Starting in January – Coffeteria will be offered after each Saturday workout and we will review the Q source and begin to study what it means to be a ‘virtuous leader’

  • The PAX would like to put together a schedule for CSAUP in 2019. Ideas included:

    • Go Ruck / Grow School

    • Polar Bear Plunges

    • Amway River Bank Run

  • PAX would like to explore adding a workout only for running. Perhaps on Monday or Friday.

As always – its a pleasure gentlemen,