The 2nd F: Fellowship

F3 is a brotherhood that is open to all men. Its primary requirement is showing up and putting in the effort. If you are looking for a way to grow friendships with solid men, setting the alarm clock for a F3 workout will be well worth it.

Dredd and OBT (the founders of F3) observed that men are traditionally bad at friendships with other men. In their Freed to Lead book, they relayed that friendships between men tend to exist in the extremes – either drunken golf weekends or formal organized retreats. A brother that is present and shares the highs and lows of life is hard to find, but that’s the glue of F3.

The Gloom workouts helps to forge strong bonds; it takes intentional effort to wake up in the pre-dawn hours, and lasting bonds are formed in those sweaty mornings. In addition, Coffeeterias after workouts provide space for relationships to grow, as do HDHHs (Hump Day Happy Hour’s), CSAUPs (Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless events – mud runs, gorucks, spartans, races, warrior dashes etc.), and Convergences (workouts/meet-ups with other regions).

Check out the upcoming events for workouts, CSAUPs, and other events.

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