Core Principle: Rain or Shine

The #Preblast for this past Saturday morning’s workout promised COLD, WET, and SANDY. It delivered.

As the alarm clock went off at 5:30, that momentary thought went through my head of – it’s cold (34 degrees), raining, and I’m driving an hour to spend an hour out in that mess. If my workout plan would have just included going for a solitary Sad Clown run, I would have rolled right back over. But knowing that I had HC’d (hard committed), I had already made the choice with a clearer head knowing it would get me closer to goals I’ve set for myself, and also knowing that I was helping to provide that positive peer pressure for others.

I pulled into the lot at 6:55 to see a few headlights there already, and a few other pairs of headlights were not far behind. Eleven pax showed up to a solid beatdown that ended with a duckwalk derby in the muddy infield of the softball field at the park. At breakfast we all found ourselves both happy to be getting warm and fed, and also glad we showed up. 

While F3 was started in North Carolina, where the weather challenges are different than those in the Upper Midwest, the core principle of Rain or Shine helps eliminate excuses and forges trust wherever the AO is located. It can be uncomfortable, yes, but everyone that posts is feeling the same rain, snow, or heat. Making the decision ahead of time and following through strengthens our ‘follow-thru’ muscle and also fosters trust among pax. We are better off when we get more comfortable growing enduring intentional discomfort.

All said, Spring is still welcome to show up anytime.

F3 Lake Effect - 4.14.18

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