The 3rd F: Faith

The word faith conjures up plenty of images and memories – especially in West Michigan where it is embedded in our culture for better and worse. The reality is that we all have a belief system that structures our relationship with the world and everything in it. This relationship is dynamic, and therefore either accelerating or decelerating. F3 encourages men toward a right relationship with their Creator that is accelerating, in the same way that it encourages right relationships with ourselves (1st F) and others (2nd F).

And while Faith is fundamental to F3, the organization does not define faith as following one specific religion or faith system, but simply a belief in something outside oneself. For clarity, F3 is not a “Christian” organization per se – although many Christians are a part of it.

 F3 inevitably leads a man toward living with purpose; simply put, faith is the dynamite of F3


These blog entries are not intended to be full treatises, but instead quick pencil sketches that help convey the basics of what’s at the core of F3. For a more complete exploration of this topic, check out Dancing Idiot’s post: