4.25.18 BackBlast – Stairway to Heaven

Four Pax including one FNG put some solid #legday work in ahead of the official F3 Grand Rapids launch. Some of this #foundation work has involved scouting out AO’s and Stairway to Heaven is a good one that offers plenty of pain in each of its 148 steps.

Pax: Q: Ridgecrest, Roid Rage, MAD COW, and FNG Spongebob.


20 SSH
20 Abe Vigodas
20 Cherry Picker Back Claps
And some high knees and butt kicks to get the blood flowing.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Stairway to Heaven

Stair Climb – 148 steps
35 Mountain Climbers
7 Leaning Pull-ups & 7 Leaning Merkins
Fairy Skips ~ 25 Yards

Stair Climb – 148 steps
3 x10 Merkins
6 Leaning Pull-ups & 6 Leaning Merkins
Bear Crawls

Stair Climb – 148 steps
30 Plank Stars
5 Leaning Pull-ups & 5 Leaning Merkins

Stair Climb – 148 steps
20 Mountain Climbers
4 Leaning Pull-ups & 4 Leaning Merkins
Bobby Hurleys

Stair Climb – 148 steps
15 Merkins
3 Leaning Pull-ups & 3 Leaning Merkins
Sprint to Finish


All told, the pax traversed 1.2 miles and 45 flights of stairs with a pleasant amount of pain sprinkled in. With the official launch just 10 days away, a good foundation has been laid. F3GR has received tremendous support from F3 Lake Effect and also F3 Naperville, and has 5 GR pax with F3 names heading into blast-off. Spread the word!

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