F3 Lake Effect: Vision

F3 Lake Effect is the arm of F3 that will encompass all of West Michigan, including F3 Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and other West Michigan communities.

The vision for F3 Lake Effect is one where free morning workouts, open to all men, will be held every day of the week year-round across West Michigan. These workouts will be led in a rotating fashion by men who are growing in their leadership capacity as well as their fitness. In addition to the workouts, social events such as Happy Hours (HDHH), Breakfasts/Coffee Meet-ups (coffeeterias), and fitness events (CSAUPS) will be organized regularly.

In short, F3 Lake Effect will foster the growth of F3 in West Michigan cities where: fitness happens, community is formed, leadership skills are developed, and purpose is fostered. 

How will this work? 

We will follow the F3 Model for workouts and growth which, while not perfect, has been remarkably effective. Saturday workouts will be held at 0700 at Kindleberger Park in Kalamazoo, and 0700 at John Ball Park in Grand Rapids (beginning May 5).

Information about weekday workouts will be posted on the F3LE and F3GR websites and social media when it is available.  Twitter tends to be the most active social media platform for workout info and banter in the F3 Community. Follow: @F3GrandRapids, @F3LakeEffect, and @F3Nation.

How can I join? 

Just show up at a workout. You’ll only be a new guy (FNG) once and you will be well taken care of. There is nothing more encouraging than a series of headlights rolling into a park at 6:50a on a Saturday morning. You’ll only be an FNG once before you have an F3 name and will be part of the pax.

April 14 and April 21 we will meet at John Ball Park at 6am to carpool to Kalamazoo and join the original F3 Lake Effect workout. April 28 we’ll have a coffeeteria at Rower’s Club – stop in anytime between 8a-9a to chat about F3, and May 5 will be the first F3 Grand Rapids workout which will start promptly at 7am at John Ball Park. Show up with weather appropriate workout attire and a pair of cheap gorilla gloves from Home Depot.

For additional information and brief videos explaining more about F3 visit or use the contact page to submit a question.