Launch Week in GR

F3 Nation currently has over 1340 workouts every week across the country, and after this week it will have two more here in Grand Rapids.


All F3 workouts all adhere to the following principles:

  • Free of Charge
  • Open to All Men
  • Held Rain or Shine, Heat or Cold
  • Led in a Rotating Fashion (by men with no formal training or experience required)
  • End with a Circle of Trust

These workouts are finally coming to Grand Rapids – and we as a city have the opportunity to join the thousands of men across the country who are making the decision to become High Impact Men. A common phrase in F3 is that Iron Sharpens Iron, and that we get better together in our Fitness (relationship with ourself), Fellowship (relationships with others), and Faith (our relationship with our Creator).

F3 Grand Rapids is an off-shoot of F3 Lake Effect, which has been hosting workouts and other F3 events in Kalamazoo since last July. Men from the F3 Lake Effect group will be joining the workout at the launch on Saturday morning. It is open to all men, and all are encouraged to join!

F3 also has a sister organization for women called FiA. This organization has recently planted spread to Kalamazoo, and with enough interest could launch in Grand Rapids soon as well.