BackBlast 003 – Twisted Deck of Cards

6 Pax, including 1 FNG and 1 long time no post showed for a twisted game of cards led by VQ Hollow Point.

Pax: Ridgecrest, MAD COW, Dungeon Master, Stockton, FNG – Belushi, QIC – Hollow Point.

Disclaimer & Core Principles were reviewed, and the deck of cards workout was introduced.

Each suit was associated with an exercise, and the number indicated how many reps needed to be completed, and aces and jokers added some extra fun.

Hearts: Merkins
Spades: Leg Lifts
Diamonds: Squats
Spades: Burpees

Aces triggered additional exercises: bear crawls, crab walks, and planks, and the first joker added 3 reps to the number of the card drawn.

Stockton had the magic touch and drew all four aces, but having a wrestling background he wasn’t fazed by the additional exercises as he was able to bear crawl faster than some of us could run.

1 week into the new launch, and #F3GR has had 3 Q’s and 12 named pax.