BackBlast 004 – Stop, Watch, and Stare

The only stopping, watching, and staring was done while the pax were completely out of breath and the policeman who drove slowly by us wondering what the h was going on.

Prior to the workout, the F3 ideas of accountability and acceleration were reviewed and emphasized, and the workout embodied these ideas as well as YHC could.

After the disclaimer was proclaimed, and core principles recited, encouragement was given to push ourselves but to listen to our body as well as we’d be doing some AYG work.



Right at 5:30 we moseyed to warm our legs up, and also place the cones by the pre-scouted out distances of 100 yds and 40 yards. After returning to the 40 yard marker we did Imperial Walkers and a light jog to finish getting our legs warm.

The Thang:

Every exercise was AYG and You Against You.

40 Yard Sprints – Timed by Partner
(2x) – 10 penalty burpees per pair if you did not improve your time the second go (announced after the first sprint)

100 Yard Sprints – Self Timed
(2x) – 10 penalty burpees for entire pax for any pax not beating their first posted time on their second sprint.

Stair Sprints – Self Timed
1x – As fast as you could get up the 186 stairs. (30-45 seconds of max effort)
1x – Touching every one of the 186 stairs on the way up. (40-80 seconds of max effort)

The pax wobbled back to the CoT with jelly legs and pale faces, but benchmarks were set that can be revisited later this summer. Amazing how so few exercises can absolutely wallop both the Sugar Rays and Clydesdales. 


Eight pax was a new high for F3GR – T-claps to all for posting and growing this thing. It would have been 9, but Hollow Point was parked in last night and decided not to hotwire the offending car.

Reba continues the trend of those with ladies’ names being Sugar Rays as he set the asphalt on fire.

Nearly all pax improved their times the second go round which was impressive. (it could have been friendly stopwatch management, but I’d prefer to think it was the effort of the pax)

Next workout – Saturday @ 0700 at John Ball Park