BackBlast 006 – Throw the Damn Towel

Pax in the Gloom

Pax in the Gloom

By having a commitment that caused me to leave early from last Saturday’s workout, it was only right that I pay my dues so I as I was walking to my car I was nominated to take the Q and I stepped up to the challenge. I had few days to come up with a good workout to follow up what Mad Cow threw at us on Saturday with Misery Loves Company.

Have my alarm set for 4:45am and told my wife to make sure I’m kicked out of the bed once that goes off. I told her that this was the day I couldn’t be late or worse miss it.

On my tippy toes I gathered my stuff and left the house, can’t wake up the little guy at 5am.

Upon arrival to AO, 7 PAX (1 FNG) was waiting for me and ready to roll. Foggy yet beautiful morning was upon us and at that time I knew we were about to have a good workout and stairs stood no chance. Asked Ridgecrest to bring coupons to be incorporated into the workout.

0700 – Core Principles recited and Disclaimer given to 8 PAX (1 FNG) – Ridgecrest, Dungeon Master, Roid Rage, Hollow Point, Mad Cow, Reba, Sponge Bob (VQ) and FNG ( Candy Strapper).


20 Side Straddle Hops

20 Wind Mills

40 yard high knees

40 yard butt kickers

40 yards sprints x2 to get the blood rushing

The Thang

PAX were asked to grab a coupon and mosie over to the stairs. Once at stairs, the PAX was informed of the workout and that we would be training for an upcoming fight (to get in better shape).

Round 1: At the bottom of the Stairs, PAX was to do 15 body squats and then take on the stairs by skipping a step as we go up. At the top, we would perform 10 Booyah Merkins (Named after great Stuart Scott). Partnered up, performing a merkin and on the up touch with your right/left hand your partners shoulder and he would do the same. Once done, PAX would descend to bottom of the stairs. Once everyone at bottom, Ridgecrest was asked to perform a 10 count to make sure the PAX was all there and survived the round 1.

Round 2: Using the coupons, PAX was to hold onto coupon while lunging to shaded area on sidewalk which is about 30ish yards away and back, giving it a Zombie Walk name. Once done with Zombie Walk, Pax was to take on the stairs for second time. This time, every stair was to be used. Once everyone is at the top, 15 each leg mountain climbers were performed. Descend to finish the round 2 at which Hollow Point was asked to perform 10 count to ensure PAX was still standing.

Round 3: started with 15 squats with coupons, once that was performed, round 3 of stairs was waiting. But this time PAX was to run (at their pace) a section of the stairs and then perform 5 merkins and 5 pull ups (using the rails, which ended up being total of 45 of each merkins and pull ups once at the top). With everyone at top, Pax was told to descend last time and perform inch worms to shaded area on side walk and bear crawl back. Dungeon Master perform a solid 11.5 count to make sure PAX was still standing since no towel was in sight.

Asked to head back to AO and put back coupons in Ridgecrest’s truck, PAX was not done just yet.


PAX was informed that training for such fight, we had to use our imagination and pretend we were in frozen tundra of Mother Russia.

3 rounds of Russian Twists (American Hammers) followed by Monkey Crunches in counts of 15, 10 and 5.

Circle of Trust

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama / Prayers


  • PAX was informed of upcoming Happy Hour at Jolly Pumpkin on Thursday 17:30-18:30 (5:30-6:30pm).
  • Saturdays workout and Q
  • Memorial Day “Murph” workout and AO
  • ABH – always be headlocking was put at display by the PAX and MAD COW was quick to run up with an F3GR card for a possible FNG. 

Descending the Stairs

Descending the Stairs