BackBlast 007 – Hidden Treasure Hunt

Our original AO John Ball Park, home of our zoo, has already given us some good workouts, but it has plenty of unexplored terrain. The park has a funicular and a giant lock ness monster statue in its pond, but those were not on the agenda for today – there was other fun to be had.

Pax: MAD COW, Dungeon Master, Radio, Hollow Point, Stockton, Ridgecrest (QIC)


20 SSH
15 Arm Circles F/R
Slow Trunk Twists

The Thang:

The pax started off with an over/under Red Carpet Revenge to start the blood pumping. After that each pax grabbed a coupon (cinder block) and followed YHC to the Circle of Stumps (used by the Zoo School, and specifically noted as not a playground). Along the way the pax did ‘the wave’ by overhead pressing the coupons in a follow the leader manner.

While at the Circle of Stumps, the pax paired up and did a circuit that consisted of 30 seconds of each:

Round 1
2 Foot Stump Ups

Round 2
Right Foot Stump Ups
Abyss Merkins

Round 3
Left Foot Stump Ups
Coupon Press

The pax then continued at a slower than mosey pace with the coupon presses over to the hidden stairs. YHC explained the next exercise and the pax thought the 50 or so stairs they could see looked manageable, but as soon as they got to the top they realized that was a false summit, and  there were actually 125 steps in this gem at the park. The pax climbed these 3x each (Radio 4x) and at the bottom completed 15 dips, 15 merkins, while waiting for the other pax to join them.

Being at the zoo, it was only appropriate to finish up at the stairs with a Bearway to Heaven movement. We bear crawled up 30 or so stairs, and turned around and either sideways for front-ways bearcrawled back down. Bearcrawl summersaults down stairs are not advised…

After these were complete it was time to get back to the Shovel Flag. Having 6 coupons, the pax farmer carried them back as far as they could, and then a pax in waiting ran to catch up and carry them the next leg. This continued in leapfrog fashion until getting back to the flag.

The pax circled up with 2 minutes to spare, and held leg lifts until the bell tolled. 


Announcements – Ideas were kicked around for the #beercitybattle with Asheville. The pax are looking forward to that.

Murph on Monday.

Good work men!