BackBlast 008 – The Murph

Spongebob suggested we do The Murph on Memorial Day, so with collective leadership we did. – Spongebob the idea, Radio the scoresheet, the pax agreeing on the partner format, and YHC facilitating, we made it happen.

The Pax: Spongebob, Radio, Hollow Point, MAD COW, Dungeon Master, Pac-Man, FNG Forrest, FNG Bobby Flay, Ridgecrest (QIC)

The pax chose to either partner up or complete The Murph solo, and got right after it.

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups (pyramid format)
200 Merkins
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

We all completed the work either on our own (t-claps SB, Radio, HP) or in pairs. Those of us in pairs tossed in some addition exercises at the end to ensure the day was started right. Pac-Man joined Radio for his final couple laps to ensure no man was left behind.


– Shifting to 3 days per week not this week, but next. Tuesdays – Stairs, Thursdays – Track on Hospital Hill, Saturdays – The Zoo
– MAD COW having a minor procedure done Wednesday.
– Continued chat and anticipation for #beercitybattle.
– Ridgecrest to have radio interview about F3 tomorrow.