BackBlast 009 – One Step Back, Two Steps Forward! 

PAX: Roid Rage (VQ), Ridgecrest, SpongeBob, Dungeon Master, and Forrest


For this warm-o-rama, I decided to shed some F3 lexicon knowledge on the group before we really got into it. As most of us are relatively new, and the lexicon is massive, I thought it would be a good idea to start learning!

CLUSTERQ: An abomination of a Q that elevates the self-confidence of all other PAX in attendance, thereby convincing PAX on the fence that they couldn’t possibly do worse than THAT guy, leading to an influx in Q signups.

DAILY RED PILL: The Q’s daily Commitment to Accelerate his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Abbr: DRP.


Some laughing from these lexicon terms, but the laughing was about to stop. We started off with 2 Capri Laps around the AO to get the lungs and legs acclimated to the temperature and humidity, followed by some solid Nancy Kerrigans in cadence to ensure we we had it together with regards to our mentality, balance, and shoulders…

The Jump Squat Holds with an Al Gore (hold squat and pretend you’re hugging a tree) ended up being quite a brutal warm-up and most of the PAX was having a hard time getting off the ground towards the end; however, it wasn’t about to get any better, as it was time to grab the coupons and run em up the hill! After we dropped them off at the top of the stairway to heaven, the PAX moseyed back down to the base to start the thang…


Round 1 – Paula Abdul

-Run 2 Staircases Up
-Run 1 Staircase Down
-5 Merkins
-Repeat until you get to the top
-60 second plank
-Cheer for your brothers!

Round 2 – Blockee/Coupon Burpee (ahh remember those coupons you brought up?!) 

-Merkin on the coupon
-Stand up
-Press coupon above your head
-Repeat 20X

Round 3 – Blocktanamo 

-PAX circles up with coupon
-All PAX holds the coupon straight out in front of them
-One pax member runs around in a circle, pushing down on the other PAX member’s coupons!
-Next PAX member repeats until all PAX members have gone around

Round 4 – Ascending Curb Crawl

-PAX bear crawls across a quiet street
-Perform 1 Derkin (decline merkin)
-Bear crawls back across
-Perform 2 Derkins
-W/R/R, bear crawling, until you hit 10 Merkins

At this point, the entire PAX was dripping and the street was visibly wet from all our sweat….that only meant one thing. Time to carry those coupons all the way back down to RidgeCrest’s truck and get ready for the 6MoM! 


We kicked off a quick 6MoM with 50X Freddie Mercury’s (Bicycle sit ups) straight into Hundreds – 100X 6 inch arm pulses, while on your 6 with legs straight out at a 45 degree angle – make sure the head and shoulders are off the pavement! 


Our count-o-rama verified that we had 5 PAX members for the day and talked about all of the stuff we have going on in our life – it’s impressive this group of men has the kind of drive we have with everything going on. Makes me feel super proud to be part of such a great group! Then we jumped into some quick announcements from RidgeCrest. The main takeaway announcement was that we are going to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting next week, so don’t forget! I know he had other announcements, but I was getting mentally ready to offer a little prayer.

We ended our CoT with a prayer around Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith – thanking the greater powers out there for the ability to dedicate ourselves to such a great cause and become better men.

Your dedicated VQ,

Roid Rage