BackBlast 014 – “Death by Merkins & Dice”

Arriving to AO “the Stairs on Division” before sun started to peak out. 

Core principle recited. Disclaimer given to 4 PAX – MAD COW, Roid Rage, Dungeon Master and SpongeBob (QIC)


15 SSH
15 Windmills
High Knees for about 40-50 yards
Butt kickers back

The Thang

Unaware of what is awaiting the PAX, they were asked to mosey over to the Stairs and bring coupons with. 

At the Stairs, SpongeBob (Q) gave the PAX a nice surprise busting out dice. With coupons next to each men, they were to roll 4 dice and total number would be used to do Squats with coupons (they add value). After squats were preformed, the PAX moved up the stairs with coupons and were to do 10 (descending) for each section of stairs climbed until top is reached. At the top, another roll of dice was done to get a total for Aiken Legs all done with coupon (Squats, Merkins, Lunges each leg, jump overs). 

After a 20sec count to make sure we were all still standing, PAX was instructed to go down with coupons again. 

At the bottom of stairs, men were told to do 10 inch worms with a merkin at bottom going towards the shaded block on sidewalk, once 10 merkins were done, they would jog, same would be done on the way back. 

After worms, men were told that next climb would consist of 7 merkins being performed for each section of the stairs until reaching the top. Once at the top, PAX rolled dice to determine how many Coupon Blockies (Burpee with a Merkin + coupon) done. 


With coupon in hands, men were headed back to AO to get to Six Minutes of Mary.
Roll of dice was done to determine how many:
American Hammers & Bicycles (elbow to knee) would be done, with highest roll being used. 

Circle of Trust

– Next post for new AO on Thursdays at Hospital Hill