BackBlast 016 – Tour de Grand Rapids

Pax: FIB, Uncle Si, Johnny Bravo, Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Radio, Pac-Man, BasicBro, SpongeBob, DM, (FNG) Mr. SmartyPants, QIC Bald Eagle (aka Ridgecrest)

With special guests in town, F3GR rallied for a Friday post at a new AO. Based on the turn-out (record – 12), F3GR is building momentum, is strongest when connected to other regions, and Rosa Parks Circle looks like a strong contender for becoming one of the next AO’s. 


20 SSH (IC)
20 Cherry Pickers (IC)
Serenaded by Mexican music playing on the loudspeakers, the Q introduced Bulls in the Stands.
 – Bear crawl to up 5 platform stairs, 5 merkins at each.
 – Reverse bear crawl down 5 platform stairs, 5 dips at each landing.

 The Thang

The pax paired up and rain side by side to Calder Plaza.

At the Calder statue, with partners, the pax completed 10 squat jumps while the partner held an Al Gore. The pax alternated, and the other partner completed 10 squat jumps. They progressed down until each pax reached 5 jump squats. 

The pax then paired back up and completed a Bataan death march with the trailing pax dropping off and completing 5 patty-cake merkins before sprinting to tag the trailing 2 pax and continuing to the front of the line. The pax continued this until they reached the stairs.

The pax ran up the stairs the old fashioned way first – AYG. At the top, the pax completed 10 burpees and held plank.  The pax returned to the bottom of the stairs and completed 20 merkins.

In pairs the pax then bunny hopped up one stair at a time, and completed 5 reverse row pull-ups at each landing. 10 burpees at the top before returning to the bottom and completing 10 burpees at FIB’s request. 

The pax then began the trek back toward the starting point of the AO by completing an Indian Run slaloming through the pax. While receiving some cheers from some (6am) wandering ‘merica fans for carrying the flag on the run, the pax returned to the starting point with 1 minute to spare. 

All told, 2.8 miles were put in with plenty of paincakes sprinkled in. 



12 pax – a new record for F3GR! Thanks to our guests for making the trek up from Chicago & Cincinnati to see how their hometown is growing.

Pac-Man has his VQ tomorrow.