BackBlast 019 – Band O’ Brothers

Disclaimer: This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout. I am not a professional. I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is each man’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to. This is free of charge! Open to all men! Held outdoors – no matter what! Let by men in a rotating fashion (no cert necessary), and ends with our CoT (Circle of Trust).

PAX: Roid Rage (Q), Bald Eagle, MAD COW, DM, BasicBro, Radio, Tiny Tom, Stalingrad, Ms. Daisy, Forrest, and Cartel (FNG)

Lexicon of the Day:

  • BRICKER: Any workout including predominant use of bricks/blocks as weight or resistance. Inspired by the 3rd official workout of Cleveland.
  • HIGH IMACT MAN: A Disrupter who is Committed to making forcible contact to strong effect.
  • HONEYPOTTING: To communicate in ways that increase confusion. Example: “50 Freddy Mercurys, on your own and I’ll count them out for us!” – Roid Rage on July 19, 2018.
  • YELLING AT THE FOX: Life led in reach to things that one cannot influence (like FOX News and/or CNN – let’s be honest).


  • Nancy Kerrigans – Lean torso forward, raise one leg out to the back, reach arms out to side and do small arm circles. Forward on one leg, then switch legs and reverse. (IN CADENCE – 10 in each direction)
  • Capri Lap – 2 laps around the AO/track to get the blood moving – FOLLOW ME!

The Thang:

Round 1: Bears & Blocks – Get on all fours (like you are doing a bear crawl) with your Cinder Block on the grass between your knees or feet. Reach between your legs and pull the Block across the grass passed your head. Now, bear crawl forward until the Block is between your feet again, and keep repeating across the length of the field. Perform 20 blockees at midfield! Plank until all PAX is done.

Round 1.5: Run 2X Laps as a PAX – jog the straightaways and sprint the curves.

Round 2: Flora 1-2-3 – Dora’s lazy, mean stepsister. All pax partner up, and grab a coupon, preferably of the 35 lbs CMU size (concrete masonry unit). 100 Merkins – P1 does 10 with feet on coupon. P2 holds plank with feet on his coupon. Flapjack.200 LBCs – P1 does 20 LBC holding coupon high on chest. P2 holds legs 6″ off ground, and extends arms w/ coupon over chest. Flapjack. 200 Squats – P1 does 25  squats. P2 lowers to bottom of t squat w/ coupon, and holds. Flapjack

Round 3: Not enough for true Round 3 (Burp Back Mountain – yep, look it up), so this is a filler! Line up on the goal line in a single row, 10 burpees on your own, 20 merkins in cadence, sprint to flag (~60 yards), sprint back, grab your coupon, mosey back to the flag, and circle up for a little 6MoM.


Freddie Mercury – Aka the bicycle sit-up. Alternate extending legs and arms in a bicycling motion during the sit-up (50X)

Hundreds – Exercised position…on your 6. legs straight and at a 45 deg angle off the ground. head and shoulders off ground. arms straight and down by your side with palms facing ground. do quick 6 inch pulses with arms/hands until you reach 100.


  • Count-O-Rama: 11!
  • Name-O-Rama

We had a solid FELLOWSHIP conversation about how proud we should feel about our commitment to getting in shape and the accountability we have to each other for showing up. I’ve received comments that F3 seems “cultish” and/or “weird” (see fifth excuse from national website) and questioning why in the world would men do this together?

Back when our father’s fathers ran the world, a bunch of men gathering at odd hours to engage in common effort for the common good and with an eye toward the larger improvement of the world around them and the raising up of men to be leaders was simply plain vanilla, old-fashioned civic engagement, and it was what grown-ass men did. If society has moved so far toward atomization and self-absorption that free assembly and group pride qualifies as cultish behavior, then so be it — but we will be the ones, in the words of the late William Buckley, standing “athwart history, yelling stop.”

I’ve noticed a lot of weird things lately – people not talking, neighbors not reaching out – complete disregard for the tribal mentality (see the book TRIBE by Sebastian Junger – thanks Luke/Candy Stripper for introducing) and how to depend and support others in your community.

F3 has connected all of us together from a lot of different backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses. We come together during these workouts, etc., to build that fellowship, fulfilling the religious/biological/spiritual need to be accountable to others for the greater good of yourself and a tribe – not necessarily a business or workplace in which you receive a financial benefit that only helps you.

Keep up the good work and go get it on Saturday!

Roid Rage