Back Blast 021 – Coupon Climb

AO: The Stairs

Many early arrivals and much chatter this morning as we gathered together in the gloom. The Michigan summer is already starting to turn and the early morning hours are notably darker with each passing week. In all, 14 PAX joined the refinement this morning (2 FNG’s) and as the clock struck 05:30 we began the day’s merriment. Core Principles recited: disclaimer given; Men prepared for betterment.



Cherry Pickers w/ Back Claps (IC) x20

Abe Vigoda (IC) x20

Annie (Q 20 count each arm)

Finkle Swings (IC) x10 each leg

     It should be noted that the PAX’s attempt at Finkle Swings more closely resembled a group of intoxicated      Rockettes practicing for the first time than men executing an exercise.


The Thang

Part 1:

Suicides w/ Presses & Merkins

    We utilized the handy parking lines provided by the city to map out a suicide run course with three points in addition to baseline. We threw in 10 merkins at every stop and 15 coupon presses every time we returned to baseline. The PAX planked until all arrived back at home base.

Lunges w/ Coupons

    It was decided that this was our best option to make our way over to the stairs. Turns out it was the right decision.

Part 2:

A well rounded man is a healthy man. We’ve neglected our strength training a bit these past few weeks and we set about to rectify that here.  We embraced the stairs as we are accustomed but added a set of exercises on each of the 7 landings as we ascended.

Derkins – x15

Shoulder Press w/ Coupon – x30

Colt 45

Squats w/ Coupon – x45

Derkins – x15

Shoulder Press w/ Coupon – x30

Colt 45

Plank in anticipation of all PAX finishing once reaching the top.


Part 3:

The Top of the stairs yielded a quick set of 5 Double Merkin Blockees before a round of sequential LBC’s w/ Coupons.

YHC congratulated the PAX for making the effort and sacrifice to attend this morning’s adventure as we recovered, and encouraged them to make an additional sacrifice this week for another who crosses their path. Life is not just about personal betterment; it is also about giving and sacrificing for others.

We began down the steps ala Paula Abdul  (complete with 5 coupon curls and presses each time we touched a landing), but needed to augment halfway through to a straight descent with curls and presses on the landings due to the desire to honor the time of the PAX. 6:15 was upon us and a circle of trust was needed.




14 PAX completed the journey this Morning: SpongeBob, Tiny Tomato, Stalin, Road Rage, Bald Eagle, Ms. Daisy, DM (Q), Mad Cow, Brutus (his last day on loan from NC), Cartel, Radio, Basic Bro, and 2 FNG’s (Gravy and Betsy).

F2 this week — Bosnia Express for HH

Possible Scouting Workout for a potential Winter AO on Friday at parking garage on Seward.