Back Blast 022 – The Temple of Gloom

Black Ops – The Temple of Gloom

In the spirit of F3 Nation, I borrowed the term “Black Ops” from F3 Louisville. The men of F3 Grand Rapids hosted a special pop-up workout this gloom in the hopes of finding a new WINTER time AO (thank you for the leadership Roid Rage). Next, I stole another term from another F3 chapter for the new location – ‘The Temple of Gloom.’

Upon arrival to the potential parking garage location, we found the facility to be locked up tight as a drum. Well, I hope everyone has stretched, we are not wasting any time and started running to the next closet parking garage that we could find. Bingo, the garage was open, and we were ready to begin.

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 6 PAX] – Bald Eagle, Tiny Tom, Dungeon Master, Roid Rage, Basic Bro, MAD COW (QIC)


Mosey to Parking Garage
Run up the ramps to the top (4 levels total)
Time to Scout the new AO
Have the PAX follow me back down 2 floors
Run up the stairs back to the top level – Level 4

The Thangs    

Dora – PAX 1 runs down the ramps to the second level and takes the stairs back up while PAX 2 works toward the following: 125 Merkins, 225 LBC’s, 325 Squats

Q note: Added an additional 25 reps to the typical DORA count in retaliation and/or admiration to Roid Rage’s typical extra credit during his Q. Tiny Tom recommended the last 25 squats be low and slow (IC) – brutal.

Dips (X2) – Pair up, Pax 1 does dips (AYG) for 1 minute. Pax 2 holds a squat.

Mosey back to the original parking garage that is now unlocked.

Mother of Mary

You call it – Pax were called upon to instruct an exercise:

–        Tiny Tom: Flying V’s
–        Basic Bro: Deep breathes with stretching; more breathes with further stretching
–        Roid Rage: American Hammers
–        Dungeon Master: Some crazy 8 count that about killed the PAX
–        Bald Eagle: The Heisman

Inspiration from the F3 Q Source Blog was relayed to the Pax.
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PSALM 15:1–5

What qualities should every leader possess? Psalm 15 furnishes us with a list of many of the necessary traits. David pictures a godly leader as one who:

Possesses integrity
Does not participate in gossip
Does not harm others
Speaks out against wrong
Honors others who walk in truth
Keeps their word even at personal cost
Isn’t greedy to gain at the expense of others
Is strong and stable

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