BackBlast 24 – Paincakes and Bacon


Summer camping in Michigan is as good as it gets, so a few weeks back we put on the schedule to have a post-workout breakfast cookout and where we could share some breakfast stouts. This did not disappoint, and will most likely happen again (hopefully soon).

Before the bacon hit the cast iron, we had business to attend to. With so many Q’s stepping up recently, YHC Bald Eagle had to shake some rust off his counting skills – the pax may have even requested he show his kindergarten diploma at one point

The Pax: Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Radio, Betsy, Dungeon Master, Miss Daisy, BasicBro, Gravy, FNG Splitter, QIC Bald Eagle (formerly Ridgecrest)


15 SSH (In Cadence)
15 SSH (Silent Count, Stop at 15) 5 Burpee Penalty for group for not stopping properly.
15 Slow Deep Squats (In Cadence)
10 Annies (Each Arm)
24 Imperial Walker Squats


YHC arrived early and placed 5 cones (well, 4 cones and one tree) in a star shaped pattern.
The Pax partnered up at each cone/tree, and each one had a corresponding exercise:
Merkins / Squats / Burpees / Groiners / Inverted Holds/Merkins (legs up tree)

Round 1 – 30 seconds on, sprint to next, 10 second rest, exercise
Round 2  – 10 reps each exercise

Mosey to Hidden Hill

Paula Abduls – 100 yard sprints up, 50 yard mosey down, 10 derkins
W/R/R up the 3-4x, and then complete a sprint to the top of the hill.

Mosey to Stairs & Down

Bear Crawl Indian Run – last person Duckwalks to front of line while Pax continues to Bear Crawl.

Mosey to Shovel Flag

Ran out of time for 6 Minutes of Mary, so we wrapped with Alligator Merkins & Beach Crawlers – Bear Crawls brutal cousin.

From there, the grills were fired up, the CBS, Speedway Stout, and Bubbly were open, and a fantastic time of 2F was had by all.


– Welcome FNG Splitter – way to power through.
– Plenty of heads were turning with a group of dudes grilling bacon, pancakes, and eggs with beer bottles open at 8a, but we earned it.
– With options of CBS, Speedway Stout, Sticky Nuts, and Mimosas (among others) on the table, we definitely staked a strong claim toward our title of F3 Beer City. One pax even noted we had no beer under 9.7%.

Great work this am men – enjoy your weekend and SYITG Tuesday!