BackBlast 017 – Rolling with Merkins & Burpees


The Pax gathered on a picture perfect summer day. The core principles were recited, and the disclaimer was given to 11 PAX – SpongeBob (Q), Bald Eagle, Roid Rage, Dungeon Master, Basic Bro, Butcher, Stalin, Pac Man, Forrest and 2 FNGs. 


15 SSH
15 Windmills
50 yard jog

The Thang

At the Stairs, SpongeBob (Q) gave the PAX and the FNGs his usual and ever so awesome roll of the dice for count on Merkins at the bottom of the stairs and same count for Burpees at the top. (15 count was for Round 1)

After a 15 sec count to make sure we were all still standing, PAX was instructed to go down. 

At the bottom of stairs, men were told to do bear crawls to the shaded block on sidewalk and then come back with 10 inch worms with a merkin at bottom, once 10 merkins were done, they would jog, same would be done on the way back. 

After bear crawls and worms, another roll of dice was done to determine the count for Round 2. This time the men performed 14 merkins at the bottom of the stairs and then climbed the stairs and performed 14 burpees at the top, (Round 2 was done once Stalin performed 14 count to make sure all men were still standing and then went down)

At the bottom, Forrest had the honors of rolling the dice. Body squats followed by lunges was to be performed, the count was 18. Once both were performed, men we introduced to our fiend Paula Abdul (climb two flights up, one flight down, perform 5 merkins tooth fairly style + 5 dips). Performed until all men make it to the top. Once all men are at top, they were to perform another round of burps (18 count). With 18 count given to make sure all are standing tall after the beatdown from Paula Abdul, men were instructed to head back to AO, where Mary was waiting for them.  


Roll of dice was done to determine how many:
American Hammers & Bicycles (elbow to knee) and Holds would be done, with highest roll being used. 

Circle of Trust

– Next post for new AO on Thursdays at Hospital Hill