BackBlast 026 – Straight, All Chasers

Sometimes you gotta keep it simple and just do work. That’s what the pax did today. 

Pax: Spongebob, Tiny Tommmato, Splitter, BasicBro, Stalin, Depends, Bald Eagle (QIC) 

The theme of today was that sometimes life can be challenging, but you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other while also knowing that you are not alone. 


21 Abe Vigodas
21 SSH
21 Slow Deep Squats
21 Slow Mountain Climbers

Proper form was the focus for the warm-up. 



25 Minutes, AMRAP up and down 145 stairs with a team goal of 10,000 steps climbed. 

Collectively the 7 pax made it up and down the stairs 56 times – averaging 8 trips up and down. Spongebob led the way with 10, and Tiny Tommmato was on his heels with 9. We finished with 8,120 stairs completed and the wobbly legs to show for it.





– BEER CITY RELAY will be coming up a week from Saturday. Meet at Richmond Park to start the workout at 11:30, and we’ll proceed from there. Look to Slack for info. 

– APPAREL – The first wave of apparel will be completed and in by next Friday. I’ll have this for everyone who requested it. Please have cash or Venmo me money before you get your shirt. 

– LAKE EFFECT MEETUP – We’ll be joining the pax from Kalamazoo on 9/15 for a joint workout just south of Grand Rapids. Stay tuned for info.

– GORUCK EVENT – There will be a GORUCK event in NW Indiana on October 27, stay tuned for info on this as well. 



– Bald Eagle out